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  • The stooges join the "Women Haters" club and vow to have nothing to do with the fair sex. Larry marries a girl anyway and attempts to hide the fact from Moe and Curly as they take a train trip.

  • The Stooges join a Woman Haters club but have a hard time sticking to their vows when Larry is the first one to fall prey to the charms of a cute blonde gal. More and Curly do everything in their power to dissuade him, but are not very successful. The only drawback is that the movie is all singing and rhyming. Nonetheless, you still get to see the boys doing what they do best, slapstick and getting into trouble.

  • Moe, Larry and Curly join the exclusive Women Haters Club swearing off women and marriage. Their pact soon begins to fall apart when Larry announces that he is engaged. Egged on by his friends he promises not to pursue her but marries her in secret. As Larry and his new bride set off on their honeymoon, Moe and Curly tag along, unaware of what he has done.


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  • The Stooges join the Woman Haters Club. They swear never to get romantically involved with a woman. That, of course, doesn't last very long. Larry finds a woman, Mary (Marjorie White), and falls in love. Moe and Curly talk him out of it, but Mary's father threatens Larry and makes him marry his daughter. Later, on a train ride, the confrontation escalates between the Stooges and Mary. Mary uses her feminine charm to woo both Curly and Moe in an attempt to make Larry jealous. Finally at the end of the film, Mary tells Moe and Curly the truth and pushes her way into bed with the trio, knocking Moe and Curly at the train window in the process. The film closes as the Stooges, now old men, finally reunite (at the now empty Woman Haters club house) sharing their hatred of women and old age.

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