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Let Us Now Praise The Mad Genius Of Richard Harland Smith

A few years ago, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the death of influential film critic Pauline Kael, I wrote the following:

“I think (Kael) did a lot to expose the truth… that directors, writers and actors who often work awfully close to the surface may still have subterranean levels of achievement or purpose or commentary that they themselves may be least qualified to articulate. It’s what’s behind her disdain for Antonioni’s pontificating at the Cannes film festival; it’s what behind the high percentage of uselessness of proliferating DVD commentaries in which we get to hear every dull anecdote, redundant explication of plot development and any other inanity that strikes the director of the latest Jennifer Aniston rom-com to blurt out breathlessly; and it is what’s behind a director like Eli Roth, who tailors the subtext of something like Hostel Part II almost as
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The Vampire Bat

Another impressive horror restoration! Majestic Pictures pulls together a great cast, including Fay Wray and Lionel Atwill, for a smart gothic horror outing complete with squeaky bats, a flipped-out village idiot (Dwight Frye!), a crazed mad scientist (the worst kind) and a lynch mob with torches that have been hand-tinted in color. Melvyn Douglas is the debonair flatfoot assigned to solve a series of vampire killings.

The Vampire Bat


The Film Detective

1933 / B&W with part-tinted scene / 1:37 Academy / 83 min. / Street Date April 25, 2017 / 19.99

Starring: Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas, Maude Eburne, George E. Stone, Dwight Frye, Robert Frazer, Rita Carlyle, Lionel Belmore, William V. Mong, Stella Adams, Harrison Greene.

Cinematography: Ira H. Morgan

Film Editor: Otis Garrett

Written by Edward T. Lowe Jr.

Produced by Phil Goldstone

Directed by Frank Strayer

Hollywood horror was a hot trend in 1932: with the arrival of Frankenstein and Dracula the horror field boomed.
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The Final Years of King Baggot – From the ‘King of the Movies’ to Bit Player

The King Baggot Tribute will take place Wednesday September 28th at 7pm at Lee Auditorium inside the Missouri History Museum (Lindell and DeBaliviere in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri). The 1913 silent film Ivanhoe will be accompanied by The Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra and there will be a 40-minute illustrated lecture on the life and career of King Baggot by We Are Movie Geeks’ Tom Stockman. A Facebook invite for the event can be found Here

Here’s a look at the final phase of King Baggot’s career.

King Baggot, the first ‘King of the Movies’ died July 11th, 1948 penniless and mostly forgotten at age 68. A St. Louis native, Baggot was at one time Hollywood’s most popular star, known is his heyday as “The Most Photographed Man in the World” and “More Famous Than the Man in the Moon”. Yet even in his hometown, Baggot had faded into obscurity.
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From the ‘King of the Movies’ to Bit Player – the Final Years of King Baggot

The King Baggot Tribute will take place Friday, November 14th at Webster University’s Moore Auditorium beginning at 7pm as part of this year’s St. Louis Intenational FIlm Festival. The program will consist a rare 35mm screening of the 1913 epic Ivanhoe starring King Baggot with live music accompaniment by the Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra. Ivanhoe will be followed by an illustrated lecture on the life and films of King Baggot presented by Tom Stockman, editor here at We Are Movie Geeks. After that will screen the influential silent western Tumbleweeds (1925), considered to be one of King Baggot’s finest achievements as a director. Tumbleweeds will feature live piano accompaniment by Matt Pace.

Here’s a look at the final phase of King Baggot’s career.

King Baggot, the first ‘King of the Movies’ died July 11th, 1948 penniless and mostly forgotten at age 68. A St. Louis native, Baggot
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The Stack: Canfield Talks Vintage William Castle And Much More

The Stack is back with a last look at what's truly "out there" for Halloween. First up is some vintage Blu-ray goodness from Kino, The Death Kiss starring Bela Lugosi and a late career entry from Boris Karloff, Cauldron of Blood finally becomes available on Blu-ray via the good folks at Olive Films. Scream Factory has a bunch of stuff out for Halloween but I picked the late seventies schlocker Squirm and the gorgeous Directors Cut of Night Breed. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has never looked as stunning as it does in this new 40th Anniversary Edition from Dark Sky Films and IFC offers up a DVD of Alex de la Iglesia's weird and wonderful Witching and Bitching. Cult Epics truly blew my mind with the surreal...

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The Death Kiss | Blu-ray Review

Kino Classics refurbishes public domain title The Death Kiss, a 1932 release made purely to capitalize off the success of Tod Browning’s 1931 Dracula by casting three of the main leads from that film. The title retains little interest except for Lugosi completists, who isn’t given much to do this time around as a rather miffed film studio manager. However, film historians may appreciate the film for its locale, set almost entirely within the back lot of what was termed a Poverty Row studio, shackled by the meager prospects of the Great Depression.

As director Tom Avery (Edward Van Sloan) films his final sequence on his new film The Death Kiss at the sound stage of Tonart Studios in Los Angeles, his lead actor Myles Brent (Edmund Burns) is shot with a real bullet. All the prop guns on set are checked. Investigating Detective Lt. Sheehan (John Wray) and Sergeant
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[Home Invasion] New Blu-Ray Releases for October 7, 2014

It’s that time of year again! There’s a chill in the air, pumpkin spice mania has taken over the nation, and horror movies are being released by the truckload. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Raw Force Blu-Ray. United States. Vinegar Syndrome

Welcome to Warrior’s Island, burial ground of disgraced martial arts masters! When the Burbank Kung Fu Club travels to this mysterious island, they quickly find themselves facing the bloodthirsty vengeance of flesh ripping kung fu fighting zombies, gun-toting white slave traders and a band of strange monks, who may be the only key to explaining the madness. Edward Murphy’s Raw Force is a virtual smorgasbord of over the top sleaze — mixing zombies, cannibals, outrageous action, gore, nudity and starring exploitation greats, Cameron Mitchell and Vic Diaz.

Vinegar Syndrome presents this quintessential piece of early 80’s trash newly restored from the
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Your 2014 Halloween Season Blu-ray & DVD Preview

Last year, James put together a comprehensive guide, of every piece of Halloween programming and horror movie that would air during the month of October. When I asked him if we were doing the same again this year, he acted like I was an idiot. Why wouldn’t we? With that knowledge in my head, I decided we would expand a little bit this year, and throw together a comprehensive DVD & Blu-ray buyer’s guide for the months of September and October. There are some really great horror releases between now and the end of October. Some studios wasted their opportunity to rope in the rabid genre fans. Fox, for example, except for a new Wrong Turn film, and a few catalog releases making their Blu-ray debuts(Exorcist sequels), has a calendar filled with nonsensical re-releases of titles that are already widely available, and at cheap prices.

We aim for
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A Christmas Carol

Rs 399.00 Shipping Time: in 7 days Shipping Region: India Shipping Cost: Rs.35 Colour/B&W: B&W Dearcinema Recommends Promote to Dearcinema Homepage


A reflection of 19th century industrial capitalism, Charles Dickens’s timeless tale is about an old merchant scrooge who’s own disappointments in life shape his views that both life and men are not worthy of his notice or concern. And then learns how wonderful and fulfilling life can be with a little generosity at Christmas time from three spectres who visit him the night before Christmas.

Edwin l. Marin (February 21, 1899 – may 2, 1951), was an American film director who directed 58 films between 1932 and 1951. Marin directed a brace of intriguing murder mysteries, The death kiss (1933) and A study in scarlet (1933).Free-lancing after 1941, Marin excelled in fast-moving westerns.
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