Son of the Gods (1930) Poster

Frank Albertson: Kicker


  • Kicker : Why don't you come along with us? We've got a extra dame on our hands and the girls are just admiring your new petting wagon.

  • Kicker : They're nice girls. They won't stick gum under the seats.

  • Kicker : Children, make way. Gather around one and all. Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! This is to give you notice, that Mr. Sam Lee, the gentleman that owns this chariot, will join us this afternoon in our festivities. So, you dames will not have to ride in my Lizzie.

  • Kicker : Wow! Hey, I'm hungry. How about a hot dog?

  • Kicker : Hey, what are you talkin' about? Why, you dames look like three plush horses.

  • Kicker : Hey, I wonder what ails those sopranos, anyway? I crave nourishment.

    Spud : Oh, give a dame a free lipstick and face powder and she'll stretch it into a permanent wave. I bet they stopped to get shaved.

  • Kicker : You mean Sam? Oh, don't be a goofer.

    Mabel : I'm going to tell my father. How dare you bring us out with a Chinaman!

  • Kicker : We don't think of Sam as a Chinaman. Why, he's a high class gentleman. You've got to go through with this.

    Mabel : And have him ask us to dance? I'd die!

    Connie : So would I! Are you going to take us home?

    Kicker : Say, who do you think you are? Besides, Sam doesn't look Chinese and nobody here knows him.

    Mabel : Oh, is that so! Well, Connie knows one of the girls who saw us come in with that *yellow* friend of yours. She told us! Sam Lee - huh! - a chink! Oh, I wouldn't let him touch me.

    Spud : Oh, is that so? Well, Alice let him touch her, all right. Everything would have been jake if that yap friend of yours hadn't started a broadcast.

  • Sam Lee : Well, if she's suffering, will you please say good night for me and express my regrets.

    Kicker : Gee, that's white of you Sam.

  • Kicker : Why, Sam's father is the richest Oriental in New York. Why, he has more stores than Connor has pills. Why, he's the Chinese Marshall Fields. Sam has millions! More millions than you half-wits can think of.

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