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Fred Niblo: Director Fred Niblo


  • Elmer Butts : Oh woe is me, the queen has swooned, after you.

    Fred Niblo : The queen didn't swoon after me!

    Elmer Butts : She swoon after me?

    Fred Niblo : She didn't swoon after anybody!

    Elmer Butts : Then why all the excitement?

  • Fred Niblo : All right, places everybody. Come on, on your toes. Smart it up!

  • Larry : Mr. Niblo, this is the little lady I was speaking to you about.

    Fred Niblo : Oh, this is the little country flower. Oh, that's charming. Very charming, in deed. Won't you stand up, my dear, let me look at you. - - Oh, very nice! Very nice, in deed, Miss...

    Elvira : Plunkett.

    Fred Niblo : Miss Plunkett.

    Elvira : And, eh, this is my mother, Mr. Niblo.

    Fred Niblo : Oh, how do you do, Mrs...

    Ma : Plunkett too.

    Fred Niblo : Oh, two Plunketts. Charming.

  • Elmer Butts : I'm awful sorry, Mr. Nibbly.

    Fred Niblo : Say, Niblo's the name!

  • Fred Niblo : Give it a certain romantic dash, you understand? So that we get the feeling of this romance. Because the idea of this scene is only to establish the aristocratic, the noble blood that is flowing in your veins. You see, because, she is a royal princess. It's really an allegorical retrospective, to establish the breeding of this girl. You understand?

  • Fred Niblo : Say, listen. You're going to read this speech right. Understand? Because its a simple speech. Any little four year old child could read this speech and you're going to do it! And you're going to do it with feeling! "Woe is me! The coon has - "

    Elmer Butts : Squeened.

    Fred Niblo : Listen! The queen has swooned. You understand. The queen has swooned! And nothing else! The queen has swooned - and nothing else!

  • Fred Niblo : All right. Get ready everybody. We're going to shoot this scene - before I shoot him.

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