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  • Gill Howe, while riding on a business trip through the country for Mr. Stacey, his employer, accidentally falls from his horse and is seriously injured. John Adams and his daughter are driving along the roadside and discover Gill Howe lying in the snow drift. They take him to their home and nurse him. Gill requests Kate Adams to notify his sister of his accident and to come to him. The two girls meet and become friends. Gill falls in love with Kate. He is the chief advisor of Samuel Stacey, a millionaire promoter. Kate's father is a big contractor for the great dam in the wilderness and meets with financial difficulty. He thrashes a thieving man for trying to steal from the works. The man becomes very angry and threatens to have revenge. John Adams is very much worried over the works being shut down and not being able to pay any money to the laborers, who have become very angry, and threaten to blow up the dam. Through a stray bullet John Adams is accidentally shot. Unable to go to the city to borrow money on securities, he sends his daughter. She arrives in the city and seeks to borrow from Stacey, who insults her in his office. Gill, overhearing the insult to the girl who has been so kind to him. resents it. Through his interference, he is discharged by Stacey. Gill then assists Kate in borrowing the money. They are continually blocked through Stacey's interference, so finally Gill arranges with several friends to detain Stacey until they get the money. Being tricked, Stacey swears revenge and follows the girl and Gill to the dam. Gill, who has proven himself to be loyal, is now made manager of the dam. This displeases the present foreman, who conspires with Stacey to overthrow Gill. The laborers continue rioting and howling for their money. Through Mr. Adams, Gill secures aid from the governor of the state, to protect their large holdings and investments. Gill pleads with the rioters and begs them to keep quiet and promises that all salaries will be paid in due time. Through jealousy, Stacey with the assistance of the foreman urges the crowd to wreck the great dam. The militia arrive in time with their Gattling Guns. Gill instructs the militia that if they are forced to fire, to use only blank shells to frighten the mob away. Stacey, who overhears Gill, surreptitiously substitutes real bullets, and then incites the men to riot. A moving picture man, scouting for scenes of interest, is photographing the dam where these labor disturbances are taking place. He sees Stacey substituting the bullets and photographs the dastardly deed. He runs off, to hide his camera and, returning to the spot, sees the militia firing upon the rioters. He hastens to Stacey's office and accuses him of murder through his substitution of the bullets for blanks. Stacey and the foreman attack the cameraman, carry him into the dam and turn on the water. Gill hears his cries and rushes to the rescue. Being unable to turn off the water, he secures dynamite and blasts the dam. He succeeds in rescuing the cameraman, and takes him to his home. Gill is arrested and accused of being responsible for the murder of the rioters. While the trial is proceeding the cameraman enters the court with a moving picture machine, and after darkening the courtroom, shows the picture of Stacey substituting the bullets. He then tells the story to the court, resulting in the freeing of Gill and the militia officers, and the conviction of Stacey.

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