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A Trustee of the Law (1912)

A Trustee of the Law (1912)

Short | Western

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Bob McNeal, an attractive and popular young man, is elected sheriff. He loves Virginia Gordon, but her parents object to his attentions paid to their daughter. One of Virginia's two brothers is found dead, and a worthless negro is suspected of having murdered him. The evidence against him seems conclusive to the Gordons and the community, and they determine to lynch him, when he is captured by the sheriff. To their amazement, Bob declares that he will protect his prisoner. Bob's deputy deserts him; the entire community is against him and worked up to fire heat. Bob prepares to defend his prisoner. It is certain that both sheriff and prisoner will be killed. An accident demonstrates the fact that young Gordon's death was accidental. Virginia is just in time with this information to prevent a deadly assault on the sheriff. The conclusion of the story sees Bob with enhanced popularity, the friendship and approval of the Gordons, and the accepted suitor of Virginia.
Francis J. Grandon
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