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The Sage, the Cherub, and the Widow (1910)

The Sage, the Cherub, and the Widow (1910)

Comedy | Short

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When you see it in the newspapers you know it is so. "Doctor Arnold, the noted specialist, has given up his practice and rented a cottage at Brightside, where he will pursue his literary studies and research." This is the notice that appeared in the local columns of the home newspaper. We will follow the Doctor to Brightside and learn all about "the Cherub and the Widow.'' Doctor Arnold's cottage is the next one to the Widow's, and while he is quietly pursuing his studies, comfortably located under the shade of an overspreading tree, the Widow's little girl looks over the dividing wall, calls out to the Doctor. "The Sage" is very much annoyed by the interference. The childish playfulness and desire to make the Doctor's acquaintance gradually wins his friendship. One day the widow misses her little girl, looks over the wall, and finds her sitting with the Sage having a jolly good time. Shortly after this episode the child is taken very sick, a specialist is called in by the attending physician and they retire to the garden to hold a consultation. Doctor Arnold, who is in his accustomed place on the other side of the wall, overhears the discussion of the little one's case, acts upon the impulse of the moment, climbs over the wall and offers his services and he is invited to the room of the sick child. He makes a careful examination and diagnosis of her case, and after prescribing for her and watching her, she is soon on the road to recovery and in a very short time is well and about her play as usual. The most interesting part of this story is the climax. The Doctor learns to love the Widow as well as the Cherub, and it is not long before things become still more interesting, who can guess the rest? The Sage marries the widow and the Cherub is glad of it.
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