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Some Steamer Scooping (1914)

Some Steamer Scooping (1914)

Short | Comedy | Drama

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The Baron Lafitte is in love with and proposes to Adelaide Burton, daughter of Andrew Burton, a wealthy manufacturer. Clara Lane, a newspaper reporter, has been assigned to watch the movements of the Baron. She is further instructed to make a scoop of their movements. Tom Drake is in love with Clara, and is her persistent follower throughout. Clara is making progress on scoop No. 1 when she sees the Baron slip a ring on the finger of the charming Adelaide. An extremely youthful stowaway is scooped out of the hold, furnishing scoop No. 2. The poor child is about to be delivered over to the Captain when little Helen Reigel and her mother become interested, and in turn interest the Baron in the little delinquent. The Baron, who is good-natured and big-hearted, adopts the youngster, much to Adelaide's extreme disgust. The Baron and Adelaide quarrel, and their engagement is abruptly terminated. In the meantime, the Baron, through Drake, has met Clara, and she falls in love with the nobleman, to Drake's great chagrin. The breaking off of the Baron's engagement with Adelaide gives Clara more newspaper material and a ray of hope. The Baron quickly recovers from his recent unpleasantness, and in turn becomes interested in Clara. The latter, who has kept her real identity a secret, has qualms about sending in her big scoop to the papers, now that she herself loves the central figure involved. Accidentally, the Baron discovers Clara's reason for being aboard, and thinking she has purposely ensnared him for the purpose of getting news out of him, reproaches her bitterly. Through the timely mediation of the Baron's adopted protégé, matters are straightened out, and the Baron pulls the biggest "scoop" of all when he captures the willing Clara.
Maurice Costello
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