With National Talent LA (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

1. By Proxy (I)

Crime, Drama | Announced

On the surface, Dee Dee Blanchard looked like a doting, selfless mother to her sickly child, Gypsy Rose. But looks can be deceiving and one person's path can ruin the lives of so many along the way, even their own.

2. Apostle 21

Action | Announced

A vigilante of Holy justice walks the streets of Chicago.

3. Making the List (2020)

Comedy | Announced

A successful businesswoman saves time dating by compiling a list for her perfect love.

4. Moon Over Lanai (2020)

Comedy | Announced

A new college graduate (after taking 7 years to finish) meets his parents and older brother for a congratulations vacation in Hawaii, but when the brother's fiance surprises them by showing... See full summary »

5. Man-Dough-Lynn

Comedy | Announced

A widow and widower start a romance in a cemetery.

6. The Boom Crew (2020– )

Drama | Announced

After 25 years of prominent service as Deputy Director of the FBI, this retiree now struggles to find purpose in his life, until a secret is revealed at the funeral for his Navy Seal son-in-law, that will change the direction of his life forever.

7. Rain for Days (2020)

Adventure | Announced

A Music Producer given months to live decides it's time to bury the hatchet with his old band members from 25 years ago and do one more concert together before he dies. Now all he has to do is find them all.

Director: Michael J. Sarna

8. Loose Kannon

Action | Announced

A Narco cop with a brain disorder uses it to his advantage when tracking down and stopping the most heinous criminals in the city.

9. Chauff-Her

Comedy | Announced

Based on the incredible true chronicles of a female Chauffeur in Hollywood that gives us the driver's hilarious perspective on the revolving door of her high-maintenance, interesting, ... See full summary »

Star: Danielle Cintron

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