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1. Dead Again: H2

Horror | Announced

Our heroine comes face-to-face with horrors she only dreamed about.

Director: Matt Flynn | Stars: Graham Greene, Denise Faye, Joanna Sanchez, Freddy Champagne

2. Dog's World

Animation, Adventure, Family | Pre-production

The story takes us into the wild, animated world of Willie Welby and his dog and best friend, Wilbur. The duo magically land in "Dogs World" where all the animals talk and even drive cars! ... See full summary »

Director: Matt Flynn

3. V Detectives

110 min | Action, Crime, Horror | Announced

It's 1799, random people throughout a small village of Sarospatak, Hungary are getting killed off and being hunted one by one by an unknown entity. Out of fear by the towns people, they ... See full summary »

Director: Jeff Solema

4. DeadFellaz

Horror | Announced

A New Jersey Mafia family's retreat gets totally ruined when zombies from the 17th Century are resurrected nearby.

Director: Barret Mulholland

5. Haunting at Wilton

Horror | Announced

A young stranger arrives to the Wilton Township inquiring about purchasing an insane asylum that was shut down by the US Federal Government in the 1980's. As he digs deeper his own horrid ... See full summary »

6. Love in Ravello

Comedy | Announced

A professional American woman, Rita, heads to the beautiful southern coast of Italy to find her roots. Rita meets up with her crazy relatives, finds the "love of her life" and then realizes what a huge mistake she made.

Director: Lucia Apicella

7. Jack Woody

Comedy | Announced

This is the tale of a semi-pro golfer, Jack Woody, a man who attempts to find love and to overcome the worst thing imaginable: Jack was born with a very small...putter.

Director: Matt Flynn

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