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1. The Shelter (I) (2015)

76 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

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A homeless man named Thomas (Michael Pare) finds shelter for the night within a lavish abandoned two-story house. He eventually discovers that he is not alone and the premises won't let him leave.

Director: John Fallon | Stars: Michael Paré, Rachel G. Whittle, John Fallon, Amy Wickenheiser

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2. Heretic

Action, Drama | Pre-production

When two Templars are sent home after losing the second Crusade, they are forced to battle a slew of varied enemies, the pity-less elements and their own inner demons while trying to elude a mysterious assassin who is hunting them.

Director: John Fallon | Stars: Paul Sloan, Marc Natoli, Arman Nshanian

3. Sweet Pain (2019)

78 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

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Carlo, a young music composer from a wealthy family, is going through an emotional crisis. When he moves to a new house he recalls the events and factors that led to his condition: the ... See full summary »

Director: Gonzalo López | Stars: Manuel Aguilar, Josep Maria Alegre, Angel Alvarez, Carlos Alvarez

4. No Man's Ridge

Horror | Announced

A team of five heavily-armed extreme hunters go into the remote Wyoming wilderness to bag Bigfoot, but find themselves out-manned against a relentless killing machine when they trespass on Sasquatch's turf.

Director: Eric Red | Stars: Nick Principe, John Fallon, Marc Natoli

5. The Siege of Robin Hood

Action | Post-production

Its a time of chaos and tyranny, the once great country of England is splintering and on the verge of revolution. The people need a hero, and one shall rise and fight to restore honor to ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Allica | Stars: Paul Allica, John Fallon, Dave Beamish, Kahli Williams

6. The Proposal (VII) (2018)

Short, Action, Drama

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When gun for hire and all around tough customer Mason Stone (Marc Natoli) takes his long time girlfriend Emma (Kahli Williams) out on the town with the intent of popping the big question, ... See full summary »

Director: Ben Whimpey | Stars: Marc Natoli, Kahli Williams, Christina McLachlan, Lincoln Barros

7. Billy Trigger (2014)


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Irish mobster Billy Trigger (John Fallon) has been Pops (Fred Williamson) number one enforcer for three years now. And for good reasons; he is cold, calculated and relentless and has never ... See full summary »

Director: Christian Viel | Stars: John Fallon, Fred Williamson, Pia El Metni, Matthew Bennett

8. Mason Stone

Action, Romance, Thriller | Announced


Director: Ben Whimpey | Stars: Nikolai Nikolaeff, Kahli Williams, Marc Natoli

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