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1. William Putch

Actor | Charlie's Angels

William Putch was born on April 22, 1924 in Bellevue, Pennsylvania, USA as William Henry Putch. He was an actor, known for Charlie's Angels (1976), Family (1976) and The Mike Douglas Show (1961). He was married to Jean Stapleton. He died on November 23, 1983 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

2. Barry Crimmins

Self | Call Me Lucky

Barry Crimmins was born on July 3, 1953 in Kingston, New York, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Call Me Lucky (2015), The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (1987) and Lenny Clarke's Late Show (1980). He was married to Helen Lysen. He died on February 28, 2018 in Syracuse, New York.

3. Elizabeth Cotten

Soundtrack | Dogfight

Elizabeth Cotten was born on January 5, 1895 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. She was married to Frank Cotten. She died on June 29, 1987 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

4. Ellis Foster

Actor | Let's Go to Prison

Ellis Foster was born on October 11, 1950. He was an actor, known for Let's Go to Prison (2006), Prison Break (2005) and Detroit 1-8-7 (2010). He died on October 15, 2011 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

5. Jean Carroll

Actress | Naughty New Orleans

Jean Carroll came from a show business family. Her parents were actors. Her mother, Fern Lacey, was the original "Buster Brown" in vaudeville. Jean, with her sister JoAnn (Miss Hollywood of 1932), did extra and bit parts at M.G.M. and Hal Roach Studios from 1931 to 1933. They were in vaudeville and...

6. Leslie Feinberg

Writer | Stone Butch Blues

Leslie Feinberg was born on September 1, 1949 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She was an actress and writer, known for Stone Butch Blues, Growing Up Creepie (2006) and Transexual Menace (1996). She was married to Minni Bruce Pratt. She died on November 15, 2014 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

7. Alan F. Milair

Actor | Monster Movie Matinee

Alan F. Milair is an American actor that was born and grew up in Charleston, West Virginia. He moved to Syracuse N.Y. and became well know as Dr. Edward Nicholas Witty, his character in Monster Movie Matinée. His long running show featured black and white horror movies with scenes of Alan ...

8. George Coyne

Actor | Take 28

George Coyne was born on January 19, 1933 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as George Vincent Coyne. He was an actor, known for Take 28 (2016), The Moving Earth (2009) and Religulous (2008). He died on February 11, 2020 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

9. Chuck Teska

Actor | Romeo 3000

Chuck Teska was an actor, known for Romeo 3000 (2018), Twisted Justice (2018) and Salt City (2018). He died on February 14, 2020 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

10. Tom McEvoy

Director | The Baseball Revue of 1917

Tom McEvoy was born on January 28, 1869 in Cortland, New York, USA as Thomas J. McEvoy. He was an actor and director, known for The Baseball Revue of 1917 (1917), Fire and Sword (1914) and Our Mutual Girl (1914). He was married to Regina Nagle. He died on November 7, 1942 in Syracuse, New York.

11. Edward Roseman

Actor | Fantomas

Edward Roseman was born on May 14, 1875 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA as Ernest Frederick Roseman. He was an actor, known for Fantomas (1920), The Tiger Woman (1917) and Big Hearted Jim (1913). He was married to Sophia Anderson. He died on September 16, 1957 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

12. Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

Writer | The Courage of the Common Place

Widely-read short story author of the first quarter of the 20th century.

13. Martez Potter

Actor | The People's Champ

Martez Potter was born on April 3, 1990 in Syracuse, New York, USA as Martez M. Potter-Barrot. He was an actor, known for The People's Champ (2017). He died on June 1, 2016 in Syracuse.

14. Harold McGrath

Writer | Pleasures of the Rich

Harold McGrath was born in Syracuse, NY. He got his start as a writer with a job as a reporter and columnist on the "Syracuse Herald" newspaper, and published his first novel, "Arms and the Woman", in 1899. He turned into a prolific--though some critics said uninspired--author after that, churning ...

15. William Woolfolk

Writer | The Defenders

Coined one of the most famous lines in comics: Captain Marvel's exclamation "Holy Moley!"

16. Jimmy Murphy

Self | Grand Prix Motor Racing

Jimmy Murphy was born on September 12, 1894 in San Francisco, California, USA. He died on September 15, 1924 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

17. Scott Columbus

Actor | Manowar: Blow Your Speakers

Ace rock drummer Scott Columbus was born on November 10, 1956. Scott joined the line-up for the hugely popular and successful heavy metal outfit Manowar in 1983; he was reportedly discovered by a female fan of the group beating aluminum in a local foundry. Columbus took a hiatus from the band in ...

18. Walter Cusyk

Passed away a few weeks before Through the Devil's Eyes (2014) was to begin principal photography. The film is dedicated in memory of him.

19. Dolph Schayes

Self | The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame...

Dolph Schayes was born on May 19, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA as Adolph Schayes. He was married to Naomi Gross. He died on December 10, 2015 in Syracuse, New York.

20. Robert Deane Pharr

Writer | Book of Numbers

African-American writer, son of a minister and a schoolteacher; graduated from Virginia Union College in 1937 and went on to graduate studies at Fisk, Columbia, and New York University. Pharr lived most of his adult life in New York, moving from race track to race track to follow the racing seasons...

21. Helen Boatwright

Actress | Hansel and Gretel

Helen Boatwright was born on November 17, 1916 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA as Helena Johanna Strassburger. She was an actress, known for Hansel and Gretel (1954). She was married to Howard Leake Boatwright Jr. She died on December 1, 2010 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

22. Jimmy Gleason

Self | Grand Prix Motor Racing

Jimmy Gleason was born on February 17, 1898 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He died on September 12, 1931 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

23. Dick MacPherson

Self | The NFL on NBC

Dick MacPherson was born on November 4, 1930 in Old Town, Maine, USA as Richard F. MacPherson. He was married to Sandra. He died on August 8, 2017 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

24. Storm Boyd

Assistant Director | A Railroad Lochinvar

Storm Boyd was born in January 1885 in Watertown, New York, USA as Storm Vanderzee Boyd Jr. He was an assistant director and actor, known for A Railroad Lochinvar (1912), The Siege of Petersburg (1912) and The Toll Gate Raiders (1912). He died on October 13, 1919 in Syracuse, New York.

25. Edward Noyes Wescott

Writer | David Harum

Edward Noyes Wescott was an American banker who began writing "David Harum" while he was recuperating from tuberculosis. He finished his book late in 1896, but failed to live to see its publication in 1898. "David Harum" went on to sell over a million copies during the decades before the Second ...

26. Harry McLaughlin

Actor | West of the Rio Grande

Harry McLaughlin was an actor, known for West of the Rio Grande (1921) and Honeymoon Ranch (1920). He died on September 21, 1920 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

27. Jimmy Walsh

Self | World Series Games 1916, Boston vs. Brooklyn

Jimmy Walsh was born on September 22, 1885 in Kallila, Ireland as James Charles Walsh. He died on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

28. Chris Gedney

Self | NFL Monday Night Football

Chris Gedney was born on August 9, 1970 in Liverpool, New York, USA as Christopher Joseph Gedney. He was married to Katherine Patton. He died on March 9, 2018 in Syracuse, New York.

29. Alberta E. Crowe

Self | Celebrity Bowling

Alberta E. Crowe was born on September 9, 1911 in Syracuse, New York, USA. She died on October 2, 1985 in Syracuse.

30. Harriet May Mills

Self | Votes for Women

Harriet May Mills was born on August 9, 1857 in Syracuse, New York, USA. She died on May 16, 1935 in Syracuse.

31. Jerry Berrigan

Self | NET Journal

Jerry Berrigan was born on December 20, 1919 in Ely, Minnesota, USA as Jerome Charles Berrigan. He was married to Carol Rizzo. He died on July 26, 2015 in Syracuse, New York, USA.

32. James Card

The Titans

James Card was born on October 25, 1915 in Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA. He is known for his work on The Titans (1962) and Arena (1975). He died on January 16, 2000 in Syracuse, New York State, USA.

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