Date of Death between 1927-01-01 and 1927-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Descending)

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1. Pauline Welch

Actress | The House of Mirth

Pauline Welch was born in 1893 in the USA as Margaret Pauline Walsh. She was an actress, known for The House of Mirth (1918). She was married to Bud Fisher. She died in November 1927 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

3. Charles Dickson

Writer | Good Night, Paul

Charles Dickson was born in April 1855 in New York, New York, USA as Charles Doblin. He was an actor and director, known for Good Night, Paul (1918), Movie Money (1916) and Dear Percy (1916). He was married to Lillian Burkhardt. He died on December 11, 1927 in New York City, New York.

7. Sidney Herbert

Actor | Orphans of the Storm

Sidney Herbert was born in England. He was an actor, known for Orphans of the Storm (1921), If Winter Comes (1923) and The Single Track (1921). He died on December 24, 1927 in London, England.

10. Pierre Champagne

Actor | La fille de l'eau

Pierre Champagne was an actor and assistant director, known for Whirlpool of Fate (1925), Nana (1926) and Backbiters (1924). He died in 1927 in Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, France.

11. John Koch Newman

Actor | The Greatest Love of All

John Koch Newman was born in 1864 in Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for The Greatest Love of All (1924). He died on March 2, 1927 in New York City, New York, USA.

13. Henry W. Savage

Producer | Excuse Me

Father: Moses Henry Savage; Mother: Bettina T. Woodhouse Savage.

14. Bror Nernst

Actor | Cirkus Bimbini

Bror Nernst was born on October 10, 1896 in Gävle, Gävleborgs län, Sweden as Bror Otto Fredrik Nernst. He was an actor, known for Cirkus Bimbini (1921). He died on June 2, 1927.

15. Patrick O'Donnell

Self | Faith of Millions

Patrick O'Donnell was born on November 28, 1856 in Glenties, County Donegal, Ireland as Patrick Joseph O'Donnell. He died on October 22, 1927 in Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland.

16. Robert Hilliard

Writer | The Avalanche

Robert Hilliard was born on May 28, 1857 in New York City, New York, USA as Robert Cochran Hilliard. He was a writer and actor, known for The Avalanche (1915), The Ex-Convict (1904) and Artistic Interference (1916). He was married to Olga Everard Williams, Nellie R. W. Murphy and Cora Bell. He died...

17. Roy Fernandez

Actor | Such a Little Queen

Roy Fernandez was born in 1888. He was an actor, known for Such a Little Queen (1921). He died on June 22, 1927 in Hollywood, California, USA.

18. Franz Ludwig

Actor | Bismarck 1862-1898

Franz Ludwig was born on April 8, 1876 in Berlin, Germany. He was an actor, known for Bismarck 1862-1898 (1927), Bismarck (1914) and Bismarck, 1. Teil (1925). He died on November 16, 1927 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany.

19. Sam Ehrlich

Soundtrack | When My Baby Smiles at Me

Lyricist and songwriter, educated at Toule College Military School and Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He wrote special material for Lillian Russell, Marie Dressler, Charlie Chaplin, Lon Chaney, Pearl White and Mabel Normand. Joining ASCAP in 1921, his popular-song compositions ...

20. Sixten Malmerfeldt

Actor | Gösta Berlings saga

Sixten Malmerfeldt was born on July 1, 1861. He was an actor, known for The Saga of Gösta Berling (1924). He died in 1927.

21. Nicola Sacco

Nicola Sacco was born on April 22, 1891. He died on August 27, 1927.

23. Elizabeth Du Barry Gill

Actress | Fool's Gold

Elizabeth Du Barry Gill was an actress, known for Fool's Gold (1919). She died on November 12, 1927 in Hollywood, California, USA.

24. Frank A. Vanderlip

Self | The Dollar and the Law

Frank A. Vanderlip was born on November 17, 1864 in Aurora, Illinois, USA as Frank Arthur Vanderlip. He was married to Mrs. Frank A. Vanderlip. He died on June 29, 1927.

25. H. Gomer May

Actor | Two Elderly Cupids

H. Gomer May was born in 1866 in Bristol, England. He was an actor, known for Two Elderly Cupids (1914). He was married to Jane Edgar. He died on February 15, 1927 in London, England.

27. H. Hesslegrave

Actor | Handy Andy

H. Hesslegrave was born in 1847 in Saddleworth, England as Samuel Heywood Hesslegrave. He was an actor, known for Handy Andy (1921). He died on December 27, 1927 in Euston, London, England.

28. Delilah Leitzell

Actress | The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays

Later in life Delilah took the stage name of Delyle Alda. As Delyle Alda she was a stage star and singer with the Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 and 1920; in the Musical show "Blue Eyes" which ran from February through April, 1921; the play "Snapshots of 1921"; and George White's "Scandals of 1923.

29. Rudolf Dworsky

Producer | Ein rheinisches Mädchen beim rheinischen Wein

His production company was called Aafa-Film AG (Althoff-Ambos-Film), Berlin, the co-owner was the producer Gabriel Levy.

30. Alec Flood

Actor | Froggy's Little Brother

Alec Flood was born in 1866 in Tottenham, London, England as George Andrew Jones. He was an actor, known for Froggy's Little Brother (1921). He died on February 7, 1927 in Wandsworth, London.

32. Josef Javorcák

Actor | Melchiad Koloman

Josef Javorcák was born on January 6, 1861 in Prague, Cechy, Austrian Empire. He was an actor, known for Melchiad Koloman (1920), Babicka (1922) and Prazský flamendr (1926). He died on January 5, 1927 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

33. Robert de Flers

Writer | Love Watches

Son in law of Victorien Sardou, his paternal grandfather was playwright Hyacinthe de Flers. Friend from high school days with Marcel Proust, he is the father of banker François de Flers and the uncle of admiral Philippe Auboyneau.

34. Josef Commer

Actor | Das Gesetz der Wüste

Josef Commer was born on November 17, 1875 in Mühlheim am Rhein, Germany. He was an actor, known for Das Gesetz der Wüste (1920), Die Ehrenreichs (1919) and Auferstehung. Katjuscha Maslowa (1923). He died in 1927 in Berlin, Germany.

35. Harold Gwynn

Actor | Virtuous Wives

Harold Gwynn was born on November 10, 1897 in New York, New York, USA as Harold William Gwynn. He was an actor, known for Virtuous Wives (1918). He died on August 2, 1927 in Kew Gardens, New York.

36. Alfredo Bertone

Actor | The White Sister

Alfredo Bertone was born in 1893 in Naples, Italy. He was an actor, known for The White Sister (1923), Brothers (1926) and Satanica (1923). He died on March 15, 1927 in Liège, Belgium.

37. Edward Wynard

Cinematographer | The Ghosts of Yesterday

"Eddie" Wynard was a pioneer cinematographer who worked on many motion pictures uncredited. He is most associated with being the personal cameraman for actress Norma Talmadge. He is famous for being one of the first, if not the first, cameraman to strap himself to the wing of an aeroplane and film ...

38. Harald Sohlman

Actor | Hon fick platsen

Harald Sohlman was born on January 24, 1858 in Stockholm, Sweden. He was an actor, known for Hon fick platsen (1911). He died on May 1, 1927 in Stockholm.

39. Fred Kirby

Actor | On Time

Fred Kirby was born in 1876 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Frederick Kerby. He was an actor, known for On Time (1924), Hearts of Youth (1921) and Oliver Twist, Jr. (1921). He died on April 4, 1927 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA.

40. Ezra Walck

Actor | T'Other Dear Charmer

Ezra Walck was born on October 12, 1882 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA. He was an actor, known for T'Other Dear Charmer (1918), The $5,000,000 Counterfeiting Plot (1914) and Fruits of Desire (1916). He died in September 1927 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

41. Ferdynand Vlassak

Cinematographer | Dzikuska

42. Wilhelm Stenhammar

Music Department | Gossip

44. Fritz Steidel

Actor | Trick-Track

Fritz Steidel was born in January 1868. He was an actor, known for Trick-Track (1921), Das Mädel auf der Schaukel (1926) and Homunculus, 5. Teil - Die Vernichtung der Menschheit (1916). He died on December 1, 1927 in Berlin, Germany.

45. Frederick Lewis

Actor | Tilly of Bloomsbury

Frederick Lewis was born on December 23, 1860 in Kingston upon Thames, England as Louis Frederick Till. He was an actor, known for Tilly of Bloomsbury (1921), Bought (1915) and An Enemy to the King (1916). He was married to Ethel Mary Amelia Carmele Robinson. He died on December 25, 1927 in England.

46. Robert Steidl

Actor | Robert als Lohengrin

Robert Steidl was born on January 31, 1865 in Hamburg, Germany. He was an actor, known for Robert als Lohengrin (1915), Das alte Ballhaus - 1. Teil (1925) and Das alte Ballhaus - 2. Teil (1925). He died on April 24, 1927.

47. John Dalzell

Self | President McKinley Taking the Oath

John Dalzell was born on April 19, 1845 in New York City, New York, USA. He died on October 2, 1927 in Altadena, California, USA.

49. Dorris Dare

Actress | Fightin' Odds

Dorris Dare was born in 1899 as Dorris Prince. She was an actress, known for Fightin' Odds (1925), False Trails (1924) and The Mystery of 13 (1919). She died on August 16, 1927 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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