Birth Date between 1974-01-01 and 1974-12-31 (Sorted by Death Date Ascending)

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1. Adam Walsh

Adam Walsh was born on November 14, 1974 in Hollywood, Florida, USA. He died on July 27, 1981 in Hollywood.

2. Itaco Nardulli

Actor | L'isola del tesoro

Itaco Nardulli was born on September 14, 1974 in Rome, Italy. He was an actor, known for Treasure Island in Outer Space (1987), Identification of a Woman (1982) and Secret of the Sahara (1988). He died on August 26, 1991 in Sardinia, Italy.

3. Divya Bharti

Actress | Assembly Rowdy

Divya was born on February 25, 1974 to Meeta and Om Prakash Bharti.

Opting for acting, she quit college, & landed a role in 'Bobbili Raja' (Telegu) in 1990 at just 16 years of age. This movie became a hit, and was dubbed into Hindi and released as 'Raampur Ka Raja'.

Divya made her debut in Bollywood ...

4. Filip Venclík

Actor | Zena pro tri muze

Filip Venclík was born on February 25, 1974. He was an actor, known for Zena pro tri muze (1979) and Bakalári (1972). He died on September 5, 1993.

5. Marek Brezovsky

Composer | Hrana - 4 filmy o Marekovi Brezovskom

Marek Brezovsky was born on April 15, 1974 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. He was a composer, known for Hrana - 4 filmy o Marekovi Brezovskom (2014). He died on June 22, 1994 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

6. Frank McGurran

Actor | I Am the Cheese

Frank McGurran was born on April 26, 1974. He was an actor, known for I Am the Cheese (1983). He died on April 1, 1995 in Berlin, Vermont, USA.

8. Kadamba Simmons

Actress | Breeders

Kadamba Simmons was born on May 7, 1974 in London, England as Kadamba Angel Simmons. She is known for her work on Deadly Instincts (1997), Mary Reilly (1996) and The Wonderland Experience (2002). She died on June 13, 1998 in London.

9. Lamont Coleman

Soundtrack | Hak hap

Lamont Coleman was born on May 30, 1974 in Harlem, New York City, New York, USA. He died on February 15, 1999 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City.

10. Johannes Claerbout

Actor | Held

Johannes Claerbout was born on June 14, 1974. He was an actor and producer, known for Held (1998) and Earth on Fire (1997). He died on August 20, 1999 in Mountain View, California, USA.

11. Tara Römer

Actor | Taxi

Tara Römer was born on June 7, 1974 in Lavelanet, Ariège, France. He was an actor, known for Taxi (1998), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999) and A Monkey's Tale (1999). He died on November 24, 1999 in Paris, France.

12. Joe C.

Actor | Osmosis Jones

Joe C. was born on November 9, 1974 in Taylor, Michigan, USA as Joseph Michael Calleja. He was an actor, known for Osmosis Jones (2001), The Simpsons (1989) and All Access: Front Row. Backstage. Live! (2001). He died on November 16, 2000 in Taylor.

13. Craig Getman

Art Department | Ken Park

14. Korey Stringer

Self | The NFL on CBS

Korey Stringer was born on May 8, 1974 in Warren, Ohio, USA. He died on August 1, 2001 in Mankato, Minnesota, USA.

15. Megan Connolly

Actress | Home and Away

After making her film debut in "The Crossing", Megan was one of the leading soap stars in Australia. After her role in Paradise Beach ended in 1994, she co-hosted the morning kids show "The Zone" for a year. In late 1995 she hosted the Foxtel's fitness show "Body Corp" for cable television, before ...

16. Amber Lynn Francis

Actress | Zombie Night

Amber Lynn Francis was born on April 30, 1974. She died on March 19, 2002.

17. Nika Turbina

Actress | Eto bylo u morya

Nika Turbina was born on December 12, 1974 in Yalta, Ukrainian SSR, USSR as Nika Georgiyevna Turbina. She was an actress, known for Eto bylo u morya (1989). She died on May 11, 2002 in Moscow, Russia.

18. Marnie Rose

Self | Houston Medical

Marnie Rose was born on February 19, 1974 in Texas, USA. She died on August 23, 2002 in Houston, Texas.

20. Carolina Fadic

Actress | Estúpido Cupido

The talented and charming actress Carolina Fadic Maturana was born on February 27, 1974 in Santiago, Chile. At 19, while she was still a student at Academia de Teatro de Fernando Gonzalez (Fernando Gonzalez's Academy of Drama) she broke into a major TV success "Rompecorazón" (Heartbreaker, 1994), ...

21. Mehmet Emin Toprak

Actor | Uzak

Mehmet Emin Toprak was born on September 11, 1974 in Yenice, Turkey. He was an actor, known for Distant (2002), Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011) and Clouds of May (1999). He died on December 2, 2002 in Çan, Çanakkale, Turkey.

23. Arsenio León

Actor | Lucía y el sexo

Arsenio León was born in 1974 in Ponferrada, Leon, Spain as Arsenio Álvarez Álvarez. He was an actor, known for Sex and Lucía (2001), El comisario (1999) and Antivicio (2000). He died on February 15, 2003 in Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

24. Sarita Khajuria

Actress | Bhaji on the Beach

Sarita Khajuria was born in 1974. She was an actress, known for Bhaji on the Beach (1993) and Tandoori Nights (1985). She died on March 19, 2003 in Putney, London, England.

25. Ladan Bijani

Self | Dying to Be Apart

Ladan Bijani was born on January 17, 1974 in Firouzabad, Iran. She died on July 8, 2003 in Singapore.

26. Laleh Bijani

Self | Laleh va Ladan

Laleh Bijani was born on January 17, 1974 in Firouzabad, Iran. She died on July 8, 2003 in Singapore.

27. Sebastian Kaatrasalo

Actor | Lumikuningatar

Sebastian Kaatrasalo was one of the founders of the first private theatre school in Finland. He was one the teachers and is responsible for the education of many fine young actors in the Finnish theatre and around the world.

His educational methods were strict and hard, but the results were ...

28. Fernando Almeida

Actor | Vale Tudo

Fernando Almeida was born on May 21, 1974 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as Fernando Almeida Soares. He was an actor, known for Vale Tudo (1988), Como Nascem os Anjos (1996) and O Outro (1987). He died on April 4, 2004 in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

31. Apu Phrall

Production Designer | Aardvark

Apu was born in Chichester in 1974 in one of the very few Asian homes in that area at that time. He worked in a number of menial jobs, including working for his father at the family-owned corner shop, before venturing into filmmaking and finding his passion: Production Design. Another of his ...

32. Nikia Charles

Stunts | The Time Machine

Nikia Charles was born on April 15, 1974 in the USA as Nikia Dashawn Charles. She is known for her work on The Time Machine (2002) and Unfabulous (2004). She died on September 24, 2005 in the USA.

33. James 'Jay Dee' Yancey

Soundtrack | Get Carter

James 'Jay Dee' Yancey was born on February 7, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as James Dewitt Yancey. He died on February 10, 2006 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

34. Lynden David Hall

Soundtrack | Love Actually

Lynden David Hall was born on May 7, 1974 in Wandsworth, London, England. He died on February 14, 2006 in London.

35. Harold Hunter

Actor | Kids

Harold Hunter was born on April 2, 1974 in New York City, New York, USA as Harold Atkins Hunter. He is known for his work on Kids (1995), Mind Games (1996) and On the Road with Judas (2007). He died on February 17, 2006 in New York City.

36. Artur Tumasyan

Writer | Samyy luchshiy film

Artur Tumasyan was born in 1974. He was a writer and actor, known for The Best Movie (2008) and Dancin': It's On! (2015). He died on May 3, 2006.

38. Zeljko Bozic

Stunts | Lavirint

Born in Belgrade, 1974. His father was a Martial ars instructor, and he started to learn at the early age of 3 years. He finished the Faculty of Psychical culture, and is also a Martial arts master 3.dan. of Aikido. His debut in theatre came in 1992 ("Majka Hrabrost"), and in a movie in 1994 - ...

39. Juan Pablo Rebella

Writer | 25 Watts

Juan Pablo Rebella was born on January 1, 1974 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He was a writer and director, known for 25 Watts (2001), Whisky (2004) and 3 (2012). He died on July 5, 2006 in Montevideo.

40. Belinda Emmett

Actress | Home and Away

Belinda Emmett was born on 12 April 1974 in Umina Beach, New South Wales, Australia. As a teenager, she worked for local radio station Coast Rock FM before landing her first major acting role as "Tracy Russell" in the popular sitcom Hey Dad..! (1987). She became a household name two years later ...

41. Ryan Cobden

Assistant Director | 30:13

43. Johanna Sällström

Actress | Under ytan

Johanna Sällström was born on December 30, 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1997 she won the award Guldbaggen for best female leading role in the movie Beneath the Surface (1997), which became her big breakthrough. Getting tired off all the interest around herself she moved to Denmark where she worked...

44. Eric Algren

Visual Effects | Armageddon

Was planning on marrying fiancée Bayu LaPrade of Marina del Rey at the time of his unexpected death. The cause was undisclosed.

45. Manuel Toledano

Director | Shampoo Horns

Manuel Toledano was born on June 23, 1974 in Spain. He died on June 6, 2007 in Madrid, Spain.

46. Natasja Saad

Soundtrack | Fidibus

Natasja Saad was born on October 31, 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She died on June 24, 2007 in Jamaica.

48. Big Moe

Actor | Survival of the Illest

Big Moe was born and raised on the Southside of Houston, Texas. He grew up in the notorious neighboorhood known as third ward (or the tre). He is known for switching up his style with singing and rapping. In the mid 90s he hooked up with the legendary DJ Screw and became a member of his group the ...

49. Angelo Spizzirri

Actor | The Rookie

After being a great success at age 25 portraying a high school baseball player he appeared in several small films in 2005 and 2006, but Angelos career didn't take off as expected. He gave up acting in 2006 in order to become the tour manager for several rock bands. He died at his residence in Los ...

50. Ryan Gracie

Self | Os Gracies e o Nascimento do Vale Tudo

Ryan Gracie was born on August 14, 1974 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was married to Elaine Caparroz. He died on December 15, 2007 in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

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