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1. Efrat Dor

Actress | The Zookeeper's Wife

Efrat Dor is an Israeli Actress. She was born and raised in Omer, South of Israel. She is of Polish, German and Russian descent. Efrat began acting in high school as a drama major, and trained as a ballet dancer at the Bat-Dor Ballet School in Beer-Sheva. Dor trained at the Beit Zvi School for the ...

2. Shlomi Elkabetz

Writer | Gett

Shlomi Elkabetz was born on December 5, 1972 in Beersheba, Israel. He is an actor and writer, known for Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (2014), To Take a Wife (2004) and 7 Days (2008).

3. Ronit Elkabetz

Actress | Gett

Born in Beershaba in 1964, Ronit was an awkward child who felt she was different from others, but when she became an actress (more or less by chance at the age of 26) with a star role in Daniel Wachsmann's 'Hameyu'ad' ['The Appointed (1990)'], this complex became an asset. This beautiful brunette ...

4. Eran Riklis

Director | Etz Limon

Eran Riklis has been active in the movie world since 1975. After graduating from Beaconsfield National Film School in England, he made his first film in 1984, "On a clear Day you can see Damascus", a political thriller based on a true story. Seven years later, he shot "Cup Final", later hailed by ...

5. Roni Dalumi

Actress | Arba Al Arba

Roni Dalumi was born on September 15, 1991 in Beersheba, Israel. She is an actress, known for Four by Four (2016), The Russians (2016) and Euphoria (2012).

6. Bat-Chen Sabag

Writer | Metumtemet

Bat-Chen Sabag was born on August 24, 1984 in Beersheba, Israel. She is an actress and writer, known for Dumb (2016), Invisibles (2014) and Sabri Maranan (2011).

7. Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

Actress | Anashim Ketumim

Hanna Azoulay Hasfari was born on June 29, 1960 in Beersheba, Israel. She is an actress and writer, known for Orange People (2013), Lovesick on Nana Street (1995) and 7 Days (2008). She is married to Shmuel Hasfari. They have three children.

8. Ilanit Ben-Yaakov

Actress | Alice

Ilanit Ben-Yaakov was born on March 20, 1973 in Beersheba, Israel. She is an actress, known for Alice (2012), Your Honor (2017) and Jellyfish (2007).

9. Sami Huri

Actor | Florentine

Sami Huri was born on October 9, 1968 in Beersheba, Israel. He is an actor, known for Florentine (1997), The Order (2001) and Zaya (1999).

10. Ruti Asarsai

Actress | Metumtemet

Ruti Asarsai was born on September 16, 1982 in Beersheba, Israel. She is an actress, known for Dumb (2016), Red Leaves (2014) and Landing on Their Feet (2017).

11. Maor Zaguri

Writer | Zaguri Imperia

Maor Zaguri was born on March 5, 1981 in Beersheba, Israel. He is a writer and actor, known for Zaguri (2014), Shababniks (2017) and Machar Shabat (2017). He has been married to Chen Amsalem since October 3, 2017.

12. Neta Haber

Actress | Hatufim

Neta Haber was born on February 13, 1972 in Beersheba, Israel. She is an actress, known for Prisoners of War (2009), Dear Mr. Waldman (2006) and Rosh Gadol (2004). She has been married to Ohad Miller since 2001.

13. David Kigler

Actor | Ramat Aviv Gimmel

David Kigler was born on November 9, 1965 in Beersheba, Israel. He is an actor, known for Ramat Aviv Gimmel (1995), OMG, I'm a Robot! (2015) and Buba Shel Layla (2011).

14. Dikla

Composer | Edut

Dikla was born on January 8, 1973 in Beersheba, Israel as Dikla Dori.

15. Yehudit Ravitz

Actress | Kvalim

Yehudit Ravitz was born on December 29, 1956 in Beersheba, Israel.

17. Zvika Hadar

Actor | Afula Express

Zvika Hadar was born on April 7, 1966 in Beersheba, Israel as Zvika Fruchter. He is a producer and actor, known for Afula Express (1997), Our Song (2004) and Shemesh (1997). He is married to Kochavit. They have two children.

18. Zahava Ben

Soundtrack | Tipat Mazal

Zahava Ben was born on November 8, 1968 in Beersheba, Israel as Zahava Benishti.

20. Adi Cohen

Music Department | Hachaverim Shel Naor

Adi Cohen was born on December 3, 1980 in Beersheba, Israel. She is known for her work on Naor's Friends (2006), Kochav Nolad (2003) and Ladies First (2014).

21. Israel Bar-On

Soundtrack | Kochav Nolad

Israel Bar-On was born on January 31, 1989 in Beersheba, Israel.

22. Nourith

Soundtrack | The Fifth Element

Nourith started to like music at 3. She sang for the first time at 6. At school, she sang a lot. She went to Paris at 11, with her father (who moved for professional reasons). She was registered at the Israeli school in Paris. She signed her first contract at 12 and released her first single, sung ...

23. Yair Nitzani

Soundtrack | Lo Kolel Sherut

Yair Nitzani was born on August 22, 1958 in Beersheba, Israel. He is an actor, known for Lo Kolel Sherut (1990), Breaking (1985) and Achorey HaChadashot (2003). He is married to Drorit. They have two children.

24. Shiran Afonso

Director | Pee Pee

Shiran Afonso was born on July 7, 1988 in Beersheba, Israel as Shiran Alexandra Afonso. She is a director and writer, known for Pee Pee (2013), Oh My God (2013) and Hamlet and George (2013).

25. Limor Shopen

Actress | Red Cockroaches

Born and raised in Israel, Limor Shopen served in the Israeli Defense Force for two years. After performing in a couple of short films, she came to the US in 1998 and lived in NYC ever since. Studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where fellow classmate Miguel Coyula offered her the ...

27. Omer Meir Wellber

Self | DAS!

Omer Meir Wellber was born on October 23, 1981 in Beersheba, Israel.

28. David Moran

Producer | The Usual Stuff

David Moran was born in the city of Beer Sheva, Israel. In 1998 David went on to study film and TV at the Sapir College, in Sederot, Israel, one of the most prestigious film schools in the country.

During his time in film school David has directed 2 short fiction films, and upon graduating started ...

28 names.

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