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1. Aleksander Fredro

Writer | Pawel i Gawel

He had two children with Zofia: son, Jan Aleksander (born September 2, 1829; died May 15, 1891); and daughter, Zofia Ludwika Cecyla Konstancja (born May 27, 1837; died April 17, 1904).

2. Jacques Offenbach

Soundtrack | Moulin Rouge!

Jacques Offenbach, the son of a synagogue cantor, was born in Cologne, Germany, June 20, 1819. So strong were his musical talents that the Paris Conservatory waived the rule forbidding foreigners and enrolled him. At the completion of his studies he began playing the cello in the orchestra of the ...

3. Thomas Dunn English

Gone with the Wind

A doctor, lawyer, politician, newspaper writer, author and carpenter. His father insisted he learn a trade, so English trained to be a carpenter while he was studying law at the University of Pennsylvania.

4. David J. Brewer

David J. Brewer was born on June 20, 1837 in Smyrna, Asia Minor, Ottoman Empire as David Josiah Brewer. He was married to Louise R. Landon and Emma Minor Mott. He died on March 28, 1910 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

5. Harry Cashman

Actor | The Old Florist

Harry Cashman born in America in 1870, became well-known in the theatre from the 1890's. tall, stocky wavy haired performer who starred and supported in many comedy and drama films for the Chicago based Essanay Film Company in 1911-12, often played Father's or Chief of Police often teamed with ...

7. Fred Storey

Actor | Rip Van Winkle

Fred Storey was born on June 20, 1861 in London, England as William Frederick Clayton Storey. He was an actor and writer, known for Rip Van Winkle (1914), The Soldier's Courtship (1896) and Specialty Dance by Fred Storey (1899). He was married to Lilian Margaret Thorley Holmes (actress) and Flora ...

9. Russ Whytal

Actor | Argentine Love

Russ Whytal was born on June 20, 1860 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was an actor, known for Argentine Love (1924). He was married to Mrs. Russ Whytal. He died on June 24, 1930 in New York City, New York, USA.

10. Linda Loredo

Actress | Los calaveras

Linda Loredo was born on June 20, 1907 in Tucson, Arizona, USA as Herlinda Loredo. She was an actress, known for Los calaveras (1931), Politiquerías (1931) and Radiomanía (1930). She died on August 11, 1931 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

12. Charles W. Chesnutt

Writer | Veiled Aristocrats

Pictured on a 41¢ USA commemorative postage stamp in the Black Heritage series, issued 31 January 2008.

15. Adeline Hayden Coffin

Actress | The Manxman

Adeline Hayden Coffin was born on June 20, 1862 in Gräfrath, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany as Adeline Marie Elisabeth De Leuw. She was an actress, known for The Manxman (1916), The Sands of Time (1919) and Don Quixote (1923). She was married to Hayden Coffin and Alberto Randegger. She died on ...

16. Cissy Fitzgerald

Actress | Patricia Gets Her Man

Cissy Fitzgerald was born on June 20, 1873 in Blean, Kent, England as Marie Kathleen Kipping. She was an actress, known for Patricia Gets Her Man (1937), The Painted Angel (1929) and Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928). She was married to Osmund Mark Tucker. She died on May 10, 1941 in Ovingdean, Sussex, ...

17. Raymond L. Ditmars

Director | The Book of Nature

American naturalist Raymond Lee Ditmars was born in Newark, NJ, in 1876 (his father, a Confederate veteran, gave him the middle name of "Lee" in honor of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee). He graduated from the Barnard Military School in 1891. Soon after graduation he secured a job with the American ...

18. Effie Palmer

Actress | Love's Redemption

Effie Palmer was born on June 20, 1890. She was an actress, known for Love's Redemption (1921) and Way Back Home (1931). She died on August 19, 1942 in New York City, New York, USA.

20. Helge Brinck

Actor | Sonja

Helge Brinck was born on June 20, 1874. He was an actor, known for Sonja (1943). He died on August 14, 1943.

21. Hannes Stelzer

Actor | Der Spieler

Hannes Stelzer was born on June 20, 1910 in Graz, Styria, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Der Spieler (1938), Eine kleine Nachtmusik (1939) and Venus on Trial (1941). He was married to Maria Bard. He died on December 27, 1944.

24. Oliver Morosco

Producer | Captain Courtesy

He had a son, Walter Morosco, with his wife, Annie. He also had a daughter, Selma Margaret (born September 23, 1922; died October 1, 1922), with his another wife, Selma.

25. Adolphe Engers

Actor | De bruut

Adolphe Engers was born on June 20, 1884 in Gulpen, Limburg, Netherlands. He was an actor and writer, known for De bruut (1922), Oranges Lemons (1920) and Er geht rechts - Sie geht links! (1928). He died on December 8, 1945 in The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

26. Kurt Schwitters

Music Department | Si fuera yo un helecho...

After studying at both the School of Applied Art and the Royal Academy of Art in Germany, Kurt Schwitters experimented with abstract and expressionist painting before becoming involved with the Dada movement, an artistic philosophy based primarily on incongruity, absurdism, and nonsense. Although ...

27. George Felix

Actor | Felix on the Job

George Felix was born on June 20, 1866 in Canada. He was an actor and director, known for Felix on the Job (1916), Felix Gets in Wrong (1916) and Haystacks and Steeples (1916). He was married to Lydia Barry (actress). He died on May 12, 1949 in New York City, New York, USA.

28. Romuald Joubé

Actor | Mathias Sandorf

Romuald Joubé was born on June 20, 1876 in Mazères, Ariège, France as Romuald Charles Eugène Goudins Jean Sylve Joubé. He was an actor, known for Mathias Sandorf (1921), Mandrin (1924) and J'accuse! (1919). He died on September 14, 1949 in Gisors, Eure, France.

29. Maximilian Böttcher

Writer | Krach im Hinterhaus

German writer and playwright, author of detective novels.

31. Jules Verstraete

Actor | Het meisje met den blauwen hoed

Jules Verstraete was born on June 20, 1883 in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands as Julien Gustave de Graef. He was an actor, known for Het meisje met den blauwen hoed (1934), Rubber (1936) and Dood water (1934). He was married to Pauline Brandt. He died on April 29, 1951 in Hilversum, ...

32. Barney Beasley

Actor | Gun Play

Barney Beasley was born on June 20, 1895 in Blaine Bottom, Oklahoma, USA. He was an actor, known for Gun Play (1935), Sundown Trail (1934) and Arizona Cyclone (1934). He was married to Lulu L. McLinden, Julia, Lila and Minnie Cordell Grubbs. He died on June 1, 1951 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

33. Giannina Arangi Lombardi

Actress | La Wally

Giannina Arangi Lombardi was born on June 20, 1891 in Marigliano, Naples, Campania, Italy. She was an actress, known for La Wally (1932) and Bye Bye Blackbird (2005). She died on July 9, 1951 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy.

34. Walter Bloem

Writer | Der krasse Fuchs

Father of the writer Kilian Koll, a pseudonym of Walter Julius Bloem to distance himself from his famous father. Also father of Margareta Bloem.

35. Eddie Laughton

Actor | Girls of the Road

Eddie Laughton was born on June 20, 1903 in Sheffield, Yorkshire [now South Yorkshire], England as Edgar Hugh Loughton. He was an actor, known for Girls of the Road (1940), Highway Patrol (1938) and My Son Is a Criminal (1939). He was married to Mary Eaton, Dorothea M. Appel and Lytha M. Pratt ...

37. Henri Bernstein

Writer | Samson

Henri Bernstein was born on June 20, 1876 in Paris, France as Henry Léon Gustave Charles Bernstein. He was a writer, known for Samson (1915), The Washington Masquerade (1932) and Shackles of Gold (1922). He was married to Antoinette Martin. He died on November 27, 1953 in Paris.

38. Sam De Grasse

Actor | The Man Who Laughs

Born in Canada, Sam De Grasse entered films in 1912 and specialized in playing thoroughly disreputable, nasty, slimy bad guys. Douglas Fairbanks was so impressed with De Grasse's villainy that he used the actor in several of his more memorable productions. He wasn't the only member of the De Grasse ...

39. Leah Marlborough

Actress | The Madman's Fate

Leah Marlborough was born on June 20, 1868 in Rhyl, Wales as Leah Jane Codman. She was an actress, known for The Madman's Fate (1906), The Thief (1912) and The Trials of a Merry Widow (1912). She was married to George H. Dudley (Herbert Thomas Gould Purden), Keith Frazer (Henry Keith Frazer Tayler)...

41. Donatien

Director | Mon curé chez les riches

Donatien was born on June 20, 1887 in Paris, France as Émile-Charles-Bernard Wessbecher. He was a director and actor, known for Mon curé chez les riches (1925), Man and His Gods (1922) and Mon curé chez les pauvres (1925). He died on November 8, 1955 in Appoigny, Yonne, France.

42. Gus Schilling

Actor | Citizen Kane

Gus Schilling was born on June 20, 1908 in New York City, New York, USA as August Eugene Schilling. He was an actor, known for Citizen Kane (1941), The Lady from Shanghai (1947) and Macbeth (1948). He was married to Betty Rowland. He died on June 16, 1957 in Hollywood, California, USA.

43. John Hemmings

Actor | Of One Blood

John Hemmings was born on June 20, 1892 in Jamaica, British West Indies as John W Hemmings. He was an actor, known for Of One Blood (1944), The Girl in Room 20 (1946) and Beale Street Mama (1946). He was married to Myra D. Hemmings. He died on May 19, 1958 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

44. Catherine Doucet

Actress | These Three

American character actress from the theatre, former school teacher. On the New York stage since 1906 with 'Brown of Harvard', co-starring Laura Hope Crews. She acted under her maiden name Catherine Calhoun until 1920, then adopted the surname of her husband, the actor Paul Doucet, appearing almost ...

46. Errol Flynn

Actor | The Adventures of Robin Hood

Errol Flynn was born to parents Theodore Flynn, a respected biologist, and Marrelle Young, an adventurous young woman. Young Flynn was a rambunctious child who could be counted on to find trouble. Errol managed to have himself thrown out of every school he was enrolled in. In his late teens he set ...

47. H.H. Hopple

Tell It to the Marines

H.H. Hopple was born on June 20, 1873 in Pennsylvania, USA. He is known for his work on Tell It to the Marines (1926). He died on May 11, 1962 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

48. Eli Gurbanov

Actor | Qizmar günäs altinda

Eli Gurbanov was born on June 20, 1898 in Tiflis, Russian Empire. He was an actor, known for In the Heat of the Sun (1957), Ögey ana (1958) and Böyük dayaq (1962). He died on November 14, 1962.

49. Luis Mario Jarero

Actor | Siguiendo pistas

Luis Mario Jarero was born on June 20, 1899 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He was an actor, known for Siguiendo pistas (1960), Cuando el alba llegue (1950) and Tania la bella salvaje (1948). He died on June 3, 1963 in Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

50. Zbigniew Wójcik

Actor | Ósmy dzien tygodnia

Zbigniew Wójcik was born on June 20, 1932 in Lwów, Lwowskie, Poland. He was an actor, known for The Eighth Day of the Week (1958) and Zloto (1962). He died on July 8, 1963 in Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland.

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