The Bridge (2015 TV Movie)
Solid Hallmark Movie
12 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I watched Part 1 and Part 2 together, so I'll just put the reviews together.

I think this is just about all you'd hope for in a lighthearted Hallmark Movie. Good acting. It feels like Ted McGinley has become a staple in Hallmark movies, and this is a mostly solid performance from him as well (Part 1 is stronger than Part 2). The two main characters have descent chemistry.

There are two main issues I had that are kind of spoilers, but I'll try hard to keep them generic. Notice they are not significant enough to bring my overall rating down.

First, the reaction by the daughter to the interference by her father is too subdued.

The introduction of Faith, into this story-line was gratuitous as displayed. There was no real pay-off or revelation, so the insertion of it into the story-line feels forced. I do really like *SPOILER ALERT* that the husband is the church-goer trying to get the wife to come to church. But still, without a "payoff", it was unnecessary to the story.
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