Review of Dead Ant

Dead Ant (2017)
If you like sharknado! But want a little more.
29 August 2019
I actually thought this was better than sharknado but it is in a similar vein. The movie is not good but it isn't trying to be. It is just fun and ridiculousness.

Tom Arnold has some great lines. Who knew there was another Busey actor but I recognized the teeth.

The whole thing is a crazy survival horror flick. Even a little person fight in the end.

Several B and C list actors. Even Sean Astin is in it.

It is just plain fun. Ridiculous without being corny. The acting is good enough to prevent it from becoming just corny.

I put it on cable on a whim to kill time and got hooked. I believe it is on Showtime beyond now (August 2019).

It doesn't take itself serious. I am sure none of the cast thought "this is my breakout performance opportunity" when they signed on.

It is worth a watch.
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