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Allegiant (2016)
Third exciting outing of the moving trilogy in which the former thorny questions are resolved
17 August 2019
This third part contains impressive fights , chills , frenetic action, high body-count , breathtaking state-of-art-special effects, enough characterization , and violent happenings . Allegiant third part , is the follow-up on the trilogy in which Tris will be forced to make hard choices about courage , love , loyalty , and Allegiant. It is a Sci-Fi , action and drama movie based on a novel by Veronica Roth. Stars sixteen-year-old Tris , Shailene Woodley, who lives in a dystopian Society formed by untouchable castes , five factions confronting among them. Dealing the previous two episodes with Tris who lives in a destroyed city of Chicago, in a difficult society divided into factions and, nowadays, she searches answers on the ruins of the town. As each faction represents a diverse way of handling things. Candor are the honest. Erudite are the intelligent, in which her brother, Ansel Elgort, belongs. Abnegation the selfless, in which her parents : Ashley Judd, Tony Goldwyn belong. Amity the kind. And finally Dauntless the brave, in which Tris enlists herself after an extremely dangerous training . The Erudite led by Kate Winslet , have declared war against Abnegation because they think that they have essential information about Divergent. Then the Erudite scheme a massacre against Abnegation. Along the way Tris and her fiance , Theo James , search answers in and out of Chicago .Then, Tris unlocks secrets , uncovering horrible deeds and along with his partners and with the help from others on his side carry out a strong fight against a nasty alliance . While in Chicago governs Four's mother , Evelyn , Naomy Watts , but things go wrong , that is why Evelyn contends the leader of another faction , Johanna : Abigail Spencer . After the earth shattering revelation of Divergent and Insurgent and beyond the Wall enclosing Chicago , Tris , Four and her brother Caleb , Ansel Elgort , escape from the city to find another fateful destination .

Third inferior part , formed by ¨Divergent¨ , ¨Insurgent¨ , and this ¨Allegiant¨ , plenty of noisy action , thrills , battles and emotion . Here our starring Tris faces one impossible challenge after another, as she unreveals the truth about her past and future , ultimately, the meaning of the strange and mysterious divergence, as well as the dark perspective on her sad world run by dark forces ; though it turns out to be tiring, confusing and a little bit boring. And finally, the conclusion and unexpected denouement with a lot of surprises . This is a homogenized and without much sense science fiction for bored adolescents . The film takes parts here and there of the two previous installments. It was another kind of the Hunger Games variant , based in a dystopian future world of a strict cast system . It attempts to close the thrilling trilogy , but it ends regularly , including flaws and failures .Starring Shailene Woodley gives nice acting as the valiant teen who is really haunted by her past, as well as she must confront her inner demons. She is well accompanied by a good support cast to be with her in the three entries, such as : Ansel Elgort , Ray Stevenson, Jeff Daniels , Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Ashley Judd ,Daniel Dae Kim , Abigail Spencer , Bill Skarsgård Mekhi Phifer, Maggie Q, Ben Lloyd Hughes, and Naomi Watts .

It contains a pounding and exciting musical score by Joseph Trapanese . As well as an adequate and colorful cinematography by Florián Balhaus. The motion picture was middlingly directed by Robert Schewenke, though Neil Burger who made the first entry was meant to direct the flick , but coundn't due to scheduling conflicts with postproduction on Divergent 2014 . Robert is a German craftsman who has made a few films , such as The time traveler wife , Tattoo , Flight plan , Insurgent , Allegiant and his last one made in Germany , and The captain .
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