Poirot or not Poirot?
16 March 2019
The headline question is a legitimate one. Of course, being a renowned detective with a Continental accent goes a long way to establish this connection. If that's how it strikes you, so be it, but be prepared (as I wasn't) for some genuine surprises and unexpected twists. This brilliant little film manipulates the viewer like only a masterpiece can.

What is particularly satisfying to see is the opportunity this film affords of providing the great Hungarian character actor Steven Geray with a starring role. Geray has a startling 200 acting credits on IMDb. Yet most of his roles were small, supporting parts, sometime consisting of only a few lines. SO DARK THE NIGHT shows the world what an outstanding and under-appreciated talent Geray was. I'd never heard of him before watching this film. Now I'm a fan. And with 200 credits (at least--IMDb isn't infallible) I look forward to saying "Hey, there's Steven Geray!" during much of my future viewing.

The video essay and commentary will help you appreciate what a masterful film this is. Director Joseph H. Lewis really knew what he was doing and when given the time and resources he needed to construct a great suspenseful film, he could certainly deliver the goods. Bravo!
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