Eli isn't qualified and is pandering to big Hollywood
23 February 2019
It was great to see the stars of classic films. Seeing Alex Winter or Dee Williams is a horror movie fan's dream. Greg Nicotero is the only one in a recurring cast of three qualified to talk on the subject. Roth and Rob Zombie make mediocre to terrible films that don't go past the slasher genre. Over aggrandization of people who arguably make family horror comedy and are are commercially successful over some true classics is sad. I respect Greg for his contributions to the genre, but Roth and Zombie are arguably in qualified and biased to their genres, and films that are not going to live on. A lot of great choices in films were defeated by choices of commercially popular films like Roth wants to be notice by bigger directors. Watch to see some classic actors and writers make commentary. Yet take it with a grain of salt due to the lack of speaking to true classics of the genre. It was made with safety that might give Roth a budget for a better film, hopefully Rob leaves his poor choices in pursuing cheap slasher films that increasingly features his wife, who has the acting talent of her husband's directorial talent. Fun to see classic film actors, sad to see the lost curated in such a cheap commercial way.
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