This makes you wonder about the film industry in Costa Rica
10 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the most deeply thought-provoking films ever made. It will force you to reexamine your life and ask yourself all kinds of questions. Things like: Why am I here? Why am I here watching these movie? Was I born to suffer? Am I a masochist? What a piece of crap, ridiculous unreal argument, beginning with a woman (Dobles just shows acting is not her thing) falling in love (in one minute!) for a guy who breaks into his mafia boss dangerous stepfather's house to steal... and all the rest of the garbage the outcast Bollywood wannabe film director invented... even the songs and dances are misplaced and out of context. No wonder this guy never succeeded in India, but Costa Ricant pathetically got impressed at his foreign accent and decided to produce this shameful... eeeh... movie? With this kind of thing, how will we Costa Ricans be ever taken seriously in the film industry?
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