Informative, educational, historical brings back memories of the horror classics!
13 November 2018
"AMC" network has done it again as this series is a big winner, it features film director Eli Roth talking about the horror genre with episodes that are broken down into different topics. They range from footage and discussions with directors, stars, and film historians, who give their opinions and take on the classics and what made the horror genre so respected today and how it shaped pop culture. Showcased are slasher films, creatures, monsters, demons, vampires, and ghosts, now that bring back memories it makes you enjoy the horror works much more when you find out info and receive opinions on them from the likes of Stephen King, Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Blair and many others. And the footage and scenes are top notch as each episode shows how the showcased topic lead to other creations and branch out to respect thru the years. Overall cool fun series to watch for any horror pop culture fan.
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