Justice League (2001–2004)
I have always loved each episode of the Justice League since I was a kid
7 August 2017
I remember every Saturday morning when I was a kid,Justice League always played a lot on Cartoon Network or on Boomerang.I was always a fan of the main seven of the Justice League(Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern/John Stewart,The Flash/Wally West,Martian Manhunter,and Hawkgirl. The seven of them are my favorite version of the founding members of the Justice League.And the Batman and Wonder Woman romance is very cute and I loved how lots of the episodes of the show dived deep into how each of the characters have a tough backstory and when it came back to them,working as a team really helped them out.And the sequel series Justice League Unlimited I also really enjoyed,I felt like the show was just like it's predecessor except the Justice League expanded to become just like a sports league with different teams and players except it's of superheroes in a league where there are different episodes of team ups.And I love the Justice League(2001) series and it's sequel more than Young Justice which I am not that huge of a fan of that show anymore.
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