Bad Taste
8 May 2017
In 1917, during the Russian Revolution, Dr. Vladmir "Nika" Bomgard (Daniel Radcliffe) has just graduated in Moscow and is sent to run the Muryevo Hospital in the middle of nowhere to replace the deceased Dr. Leopold Leopoldovich. Along the days, the lonely Mikhail discusses with his team from by the assistant physician and two midwives the means to treat the illness of the local residents. Occasionally he is visited by his older self that tries to warn and prevent him from making mistakes that he will regret. When he has a pain in the stomach, Vladmir becomes addicted in morphine. Meanwhile, he is under investigation of the police seventeen years later.

The overrated "A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories" is an awful TV Series with absolute bad taste. The first four episode are terrible and people should be afraid of any viewer that finds humor in this type of show. After watching this four episodes on DVD, it is not worthwhile buying or watching the following ones. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Diário de um Jovem Médico" ("Diary of a Doctor")
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