Allegiant (2016)
I didn't think this movie was based on book, not a video game
27 January 2017
When I saw the first divergent movie, I really liked it and I became really excited to see the adaptions of the next two books (insurgent and allegiant).But after I saw the 2nd movie, it was a lot different from the book and I started to get confused on why it wasn't going to be like how the first movie was. But after I saw this movie,I realized that it was nothing like what it was based on and it looked liked it was based on a video game.I became really disappointed on how the divergent series became a series I don't recognize anymore.If Divergent just became a TV show instead of a movie before the first movie came out, then it would have had a better chance at being more popular and talked a lot about. But that never happened.
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