Allegiant (2016)
Another ridiculous movie
26 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am trying to keep from falling asleep from this boring, stupid, stupid, did I say stupid movie. Asinine, ridiculous, this movie could be renamed, "How to bore your audience to death" or "Movie for braindead corpses". I feel stupid for watching this so called 'movie'. And I am watching it for free and I still want my money back. Terrorist groups don't need any old torture devices, they can use this movie. Bad acting, check. Stupid plot line, check. Very big, gigantic plot holes that make absolutely no sense, check. You don't care if everyone in the movie does a horrible, painful death, check. Through out the movie you will roll your eyes, sigh heavenly, saying things like "Why are they doing that?" and "That makes no sense.", check. †**Spoilers, you knew the one chick was going to die when they got on top of the wall. No bullets hit Tris or Four although they were being shot at at close range and with machine guns, and they didn't get shot as they climbed up the wall. Despite the land outside the wall being completely jacked up from nuclear war, the land is completely toxic, yet people are able to survive on the fridges in tents!!!Where were they getting food and water!!! These people are supposedly exposed to all kinds of toxic fumes, toxic land but they all look normal!!!? Oh, but the Genetic Manipulation place was able to survive the nuclear fall out and create a grass growing (again ON WHAT IF THE WHOLE WORLD IIS A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!!!) And the motivations for the characters, stupid, stupid, stupid. David, who you KNEW and the new section were evil. Absolutely nothing shocking. You knew who was going to die, you knew who was evil. And why did Four go back to Chicago? And how did he survive walking through the nuclear wasteland with no issues!! We are living in the last days, common sense is out, insane people rule the world and make the movies. Finding an actual good these days is like trying to find the holy Grail or a needle in a haystack.
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