Mad Men: Person to Person (2015)
Season 7, Episode 14
One of the best finales I've seen ... Best episode of the series.
12 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Instead of reviewing the entire series, i want to focus on the finale of the series.

This episode tied everything up in a gracious way that was expected but not expected if that makes any sense.

For starters I love how the women were developed and grew in their own right, as opposed to shadows of the powerful men in front of them. Its a true step forward from the start of the series.

Love blossomed for some, death and change ... and no finale would be complete without them.

Some characters were strongly developed and shown to be more sympathetic while others matured and showed great progress. (I am attempting to keep the review vague for sake of not spoiling).

Finally, the last journey is that of the main character ... a womanizing, cheater with immoral selfish deceitful tendencies. The main mad man.

His journey ends in complete opposition to the road he traveled finding finally in the end what he needed most :


After embracing his true self and understanding its time for a change, Don Draper ends his run with grace and dignity finally redeeming himself.
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