As enjoyable (and generic) as the first movie...
11 November 2016
Having watched "Dead Rising: Endgame", I can honestly say that it was every bit as good and bad as the 2015 "Dead Rising" movie. With that being said, I am prone to say that if you didn't enjoy the first movie, then you will not like this 2016 movie either, and vice versa.

A continuation of the story and events that took place in the 2015 "Dead Rising" movie, "Dead Rising: Endgame" puts us back into the quarantine zone, following the brash reporter Chase Carter (played by Jesse Metcalfe) yet again.

As much as I enjoy zombie movies, then "Dead Rising: Endgame", like its predecessor, just never really rose up beyond mediocrity for me. Sure, they are enjoyable movies for what they are, but they are just not outstanding in the zombie genre.

The effects were good, and there is a good amount of action and a good amount of zombies throughout the movie. That is at least something. And the acting was adequate as well.

However, I guess it is the storyline that is just too generic or perhaps because it is something that has been seen before in other zombie movies, that just makes it so bland and generic.

Being a zombie aficionado, of course I had to watch it. And I have done so now, but color me unimpressed. It was a mediocre experience, as I mentioned earlier, and this is not a movie that I can see myself making a second trip back to watching. It just didn't have enough contents to support more than a single viewing. There are far better zombie movies available out there.

But I am sure that hardcore fans of the Dead Rising games will find great enjoyment in these movies.
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