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Allegiant (2016)
This is how you ruin a novel...
14 August 2016
I am angry... If they were going to divide the movie, they didn't have to do this... They say they 'covered the story' in this movie, they basically skipped a whole plot... For example, in the book Nita does hate David, but she actually Tries to destroy the Bureau by blowing up a part of it as a distraction (which basically kills Uriah, the guy's not even in the movie to begin with) then trying to release this death serum, Tris stops them of course, and a bunch of other stuff happens... Only then does David try to 'reset' Chicago... And Tris is supposed to die in the process of saving the dam city, then there's this bit at the end involving Evelyn, if they were going to make a series they could've used that... There's just so much stuff wrong with this movie, the most annoying of course are the small but plentiful errors, like never seeing Tori's brother on the other side of the wall, that happens in the book....
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