Review of Allegiant

Allegiant (2016)
19 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
For this one, I will not need many words to write a review. This one is plainly stupid. Unnatural human behavior, unnatural dialogues, plot filled with holes like a good Dutch cheese! Just one example: Director controls shutting of doors in an underground technical tunnels of the distant city, yet he needs to infiltrate a city with a person to talk one of the leaders into pushing a button to get a gas flowing into the city! Would be a good idea to have that function also on a remote control, wouldn't it? Or… if everyone will forget everything, why not fly a freaking squadron into the city and have this button pushed? A separate word of praise to movie industry censors! Killing where blood is seen – R rated and kids can't watch it. Killing when no blood is seen – kids are safe to watch. How could one make it all be more ridiculous? The guys gets a headshot from 1 inch distance, falls dead, but no drop of blood to be seen anywhere… Come on guys, someone needs to get real….
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