Allegiant (2016)
I Want My $ Back
8 April 2016
Two hours after the movie ended, and I'm still shaking my head. Disgusted. Seems writers, director and producer DID NOT READ THE BOOK. I do not expect a movie to follow the book exactly, but the other 2 movies mostly did. The 3rd movie had very little to do with the first two. No point to the changes, it did not make the story more powerful, it actually neutered it. I can't see how Veronica Roth could have been happy with the Allegiant movie. Poor Naomi Watts, her lines were so horrible. Her Evelyn was just whinny. Miles Teller had nothing to do. The world they created in the movie, the airport and the fringe, not at all accurate. Again, the changes were pointless. If you are a fan of the Divergent Trilogy, do not bother with this movie.
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