Review of Allegiant

Allegiant (2016)
That was an experience..
21 March 2016
I used to joke I want my money back when I saw bad movies. But I was so angry with this one, I didn't care about the money. I wanted my time, my Saturday evening back! As a matter of principle I never leave a movie in the middle, but the more I saw the senseless "acting" and "story", the more I became irritated.. I love sci-fi, I could even watch the cheapest one and still be satisfied. But when they make "something" as horrible as this, something with no connecting storyline, no sense of the slightest sign of logic, no consequence/connection to any scenes that just played, the constant building up to nothing over and over again. I just felt like being treated like a moron with a 3 second memory, who could be 'woawed' by the scenes, but doesn't know or care what happened 3 second before that. I came out the movie angry and stressed. This is beyond bad, this deserves a -10. Not only that, this movie should be banned from human history. Save yourselves!
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