Allegiant (2016)
I enjoyed it!
20 March 2016
Upon seeing Allegiant, I had mixed feelings about it. At first upon seeing the reviews I was a little in shocked at how much criticism it was receiving, but sometimes your opinion can be different from the critics who review the movie. So I saw the movie, and as I watched the movie I started remembering scenes from the book, since I haven't read the book in a while. There was scenes that surprise me, which I thoroughly enjoyed because I love surprises. And although, yes the movie strays away from the source material, we as people should be more open-minded about book to film adaptations. As a fan of the books it can be nerve wrecking to have a good book turned into an awful movie, but I like to think about how much time was put into making a film. An actor/actress works hard to follow the script that is given to them, the director has a vision in mind for the film, which is hard work in itself. And putting the film together takes a lot of shots to achieve in the amount of time they are given. This is why we have deleted scenes to begin with. I praise this cast for not giving up on this project and continue to do their best to pull off a movie adaptation of a best- selling series.All in all, I enjoyed this movie and recommend it to people who love stories and fans who can still appreciate a movie despite its obvious changes.
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