The Bridge (2015 TV Movie)
Overwritten dramatic irony
28 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As already highlighted by other reviewers, the part-one status of this movie was indeed a let-down. Hard to believe we have to wait 12 months to see more. Even more disappointing to me was how the young couple so in love was so easily broken up in classic overwritten dramatic irony.

Parts of the storyline were perhaps corny, but my wife and I were pulled in by the cute young couple who were such good kids, the altruistic older couple (who ran the bookstore), and even the young man's singing. Hallmark movies seem a little less well-done than a few years ago, but this one was working. I liked almost all the acting (my wife liked a little less). But the overprotective father seemed way overwritten and the young man's IQ seemed to plummet only so that the writers could have their part-one ending. Come on.
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