The Bridge (2015 TV Movie)
A Bridge totally too far
9 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a profound disappointment. First, let's not call it a movie. It's really a series but one doesn't find this out until the final be continued--Christmas 2016? After resisting throwing something at the TV, I just shouted, "Are you kidding me?" What's bad about that, one might ask. Seeing series/episode 2 requires one to have some continuity from season one, something which is possible only if one can remember details from such a horrid production. Completely forgettable and worse, completely dishonest.

Not only are we tricked when a conclusion is stolen, unresolved, empty, i.e. postponed for a year, but we have to suffer through such preachy dialog. Stupidly, I watched and waited for something worthy to happen. Maybe after this commercial, I told myself.

The synopsis was misleading too. I reread the synopsis a dozen times, thinking someone was asleep at the keyboard, confusing it with another movie. Where's the rescue? The bookstore isn't failing, it's thriving. Go figure. Where's the hometown? Sadly, nothing will save this mess.
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