Mad Men: Person to Person (2015)
Season 7, Episode 14
19 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
since that coke ad ran in 1971 and the shows last episode ends in 1970, i thought the ending was that Don went back to maccan and comes up with the coca cola ad.

he based the ad off the communal retreat. the ad is everyone loves each other and has a home, because of coca cola. don realizes at the retreat-- from Leonard-- that everyone really just wants to have a home and be loved and noticed, which he realizes he doesn't have. he thought people really just want to move forward, but he realizes that eventually you hit a dead end (figuratively---eventually you question why your moving at all and have nowhere to go, but realize that where you really want to go is home where you know you are loved, needed, significant) and literally in that he hit the pacific ocean (he wasn't going to move forward past Cali). its funny he finally made it to Cali to (like Ted went to Cali instead of him as did Meagan but he always stayed in NY).

did any one else see it this way???
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