see it as a purely entertainment film
2 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
many reviewers complain about the history of the movie not being accurate or truthful; in case you forget, Dracula, the vampire, is all fictitious, so why complain about history?? I don't care if the story is not along the line of the other Dracula stories we know of as long as the story is well told. such a movie shouldn't be taken so seriously; see it as purely entertainment; now back to serious review; to put it simply, I like the movie. Luke Evans is perfectly cast as Dracula. The movie is 90 minute so you wouldn't have everything 'spelled out'. It's reasonably fast paced; the movie has its flaws but minor enough that you can reasonably pass it; the only major flaw that I see and think the movie should work on explaining is how the Sultan knows about Dracula's weaknesses. Dang, Dracula almost got defeated because of the Sultan's knowledge and the director thinks it's not important to dwell on it?? that's why it's only 8 for me.
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