I'm even busier than my counterpart in Texas . . .
5 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
. . . though we sometimes seem to be on the same page in our social media pursuits. Today I'm also reviewing one of the two extras from the original DVD release of 12 YEARS A SLAVE. My Thingee also seems to be missing from this "definitive" movie web trivia place's supposedly exhaustive listings. It is called THE SCORE. I cannot tell you to the hundredth of a second how long it is, but I'm sure it's under five minutes. After all, there are only two people on screen here. One is the director of the feature film, Steve McQueen. The other is the gentleman who wrote the score for this movie, Hans Zimmer. (Okay, I guess Chiwetel Ejiofor as "Solomon" and maybe a few other cast members show up in clips from the flick to illustrate points; but only McQueen and Zimmer are talking as themselves here). Maybe the most interesting comment is Zimmer pointing out that he would have written a mostly strings score, even IF Solomon's instrument of choice in the film were the flute. I sort of think flutes are for girls. My sister played the flute, as well as the piccolo (she used to wake me up every morning during high school marching band season practicing that high solo from "Stars and Stripes Forever"). So I'm glad Solomon played the fiddle (or violin) and NOT the flute, as the latter instrument may have irritated the other slaves even more than what I experienced.
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