Love it
12 October 2014
I know everyone has different view ans idea about this movie But 'personally' and simply I loved it. I'm crazy about most Dracula/vampire movies. I found that a lot of them were either romance or some horrific movie or hunting (whether its Dracula with human or Dracula with hunters) which was interesting but rather easy to guess what's going to happen. Storyline and its ending was totally different from those I've watched and made it more interesting. I love whole setting with some historical background added in movie. I was also pleased with the fact that this wasn't very horrific even during certain events in movie. There was quite number of kids in theater watching it with their parents so I found it rather neat. I waited for few months for this movie since I saw the trailer. It was worth waiting for me and I was happy that it was what I expected from trailer (I've saw movie that storyline was totally different from what seemed to happen on trailer and was disappointed once). I'm definitely buying DVD when it comes out!
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