Anaconda (1997)
A Secret Favorite
3 August 2014
Secret, because who would otherwise admit to liking this guilty pleasure? It is closest to Creature from the Black Lagoon in its structure: a trip down the Amazon of an ill-assorted group, a search for an elusive creature, or in this case, at first at least, the People of the Mist; some red shirt people; and Jon Voight playing the Nestor Paiva sort of role of the guy who's been on the river too long--and a would-be priest, no less. The virtues of the film include, most importantly, Voight's funny and outrageous performance (do Paraguayans sound like that?!). The beautiful Jennifer Lopez is eye candy. There is also the stuffy English narrator of the documentary they are making and Owen Wilson in his usual feckless character mode. And of course there is the titular character and star of the show. Altogether it's fun and moves along briskly.
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