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2 June 2014
While I was stationed in Japan in the late-70s I got "volunteered" to be in this movie. Those of us who were "chosen" to be in the movie got 50 bucks a day and free room and board at the Sanno Hotel in Tokyo. It was more of an ordeal than anything else. Our part in the movie was shot mostly in Tokyo but also at Shimoda. Richard Boone was always complaining about something. He just never seemed happy. Just a miserable old cuss! Frank Converse didn't say boo to anybody off the set either, just seemed to be a really stuck-up, unhappy guy. I felt sorry for him! Mike Starr was the only one of the actors who associated with us Navy guys. We took him to some choice spots in Tokyo and he was probably the only "gaijin" who had a good time. The director wanted us Navy guys to be in the bathhouse scene, but the Public Affairs Officer from Yokosuka said, "No way!" because there was nudity involved. So they sent us packing back to Yokosuka a couple days early. If my memory serves me correctly, we did all of our shooting in 1978, but the movie didn't come out till 1981 or 82. When I finally saw it, I couldn't believe how bad it was! And even though my name isn't anywhere in the credits, I'm embarrassed that I was ever in anything this horrible! My sincere apologies to anyone who paid to go see it!
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