One of the funniest shows i have seen in a long time
25 May 2014
It takes very few series or movies to keep me focused, and fewer to make me laugh out loud as this one did. Maybe this is why i decided to write my first review ever about this series; it is THAT good. Tagging this series as a drama is very wrong though; the story, the way it is presented and the acting itself makes it a proper comedy, and one of which quality and wittiness i do not see much of lately (unfortunately). I have not read the book it is based upon, but it does not matter in this case as the show stands for itself and might as well do it with great pride. The script was written with a loving hand clearly, because the dialogues are tears-in-your-eyes-laugh-out-hysterically-loud funny. The acting is superb and the actors fit their characters perfectly. The whole mix makes this series a great joy and a burst of optimism for life and for the future of TV.. Well done!
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