Review of Fading West

Fading West (2013)
Fading West will make you want to surf, and start a band (but not necessarily in that order)
15 November 2013
Got to see this movie premier in a tiny surfing town on the east coast of Florida, along with a crowd filled with young surfing enthusiasts. I can barely stand on land based boards, and yet this film left me with the inexplicable desire to pick up a board and hit the waves.

As a film, camera work was done with a mixture of mediums, all of which blended together quite interestingly. Seeing this very inspiring band continue their journey as artists was of course a treat, and I'd highly recommend catching a showing of it if you can.

Fading West is a film filled with just the right amount of highs and lows,and these guys balance wave shredding with moments of raw vulnerability seldom witnessed in the rock scene. It's a film that very well reflects it's makers, showing a self assurance and clear sense of purpose and place that culminates in a highly satisfying viewing experience.
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