Impostor (2001)
Fun to watch, but don't think too hard
1 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you like movies like total recall, you may like this movie.

It is exciting to watch. However, when I think about it afterward, there are many things that are lame.

For example, if a robot were to take over a human, why would it program itself to the point it doesn't know itself is a robot, and therefore can't carry out its mission in an efficient manner? Also, the movie showed a video clip of a previous robot being drilled. Why wasn't the robot programmed to explode when drilled? Why would the robot leave dead human bodies to be discovered in such obvious place? If they are as advanced as the human say they are, they ought to have a better way to get rid of a dead body.

If the aliens want to assassin someone, once they get past the shield, they could just send a smart guided bomb, why bother with the robot thing?
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