Wild animal trouble with Pluto
10 September 2013
Not the most original of premises, but what actually could have been repetitive actually turned out to be full of colour and fun. As to expect from a Disney short, the animation is really nicely done with bright bouncy colours and vibrantly fluid drawings and backgrounds. Just as lively is the music, the amount of character in the orchestration has always being a source of admiration and even more so with how well it synchronises with the visuals. The crisp pacing and simple and charming storytelling are nice to see too, while Pluto carries the short very well. He has always been very likable, he's very cute and his energy would put a smile on anybody's face. The wild animals are colourful fun characters as well. The gags are very funny, the best are hilarious actually, and timed beautifully. The de-feathering of the peacock and the sequence with the gorilla were the best parts, though Pluto at the Zoo is very consistent in the entertainment department.

Overall, colourful and funny, a great Disney and Pluto short and well worth seeing at least once. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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