Contact (1997)
Science versus Faith, in One of the Greatest Sci-Fi of the Cinema Industry
1 January 2013
The skeptical scientist Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) researches extraterrestrial life with her team in Puerto Rico. When David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt) shuts-down the project, Ellie seeks for private funds to reopen her research in New Mexico. An anonymous millionaire provides the necessary funds and Ellie proceeds with her work.

Four years later, she is contacted by alien forms from Vega that send a coded message. The millionaire S.R. Hadden (John Hurt) that is financing the research deciphers the message and gives to Ellie the design of an intriguing machine. Ellie concludes that the equipment might be to transport a passenger to Vega. Now she needs to convince a commission formed by military, politicians, scientists and religious leaders that she is the best candidate for the journey.

"Contact" is one of the greatest sci-fi of the cinema industry. In my opinion, "Contact" and "Gattaca" are the two last best sci-fi produced by the cinema, and coincidentally they are both from 1997. "Contact" presents a great discussion between science and faith, with extraordinary quotes. My favorite is when Ellie asks her father if he believes that there are people in other planets and he answers: "But I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space. I saw "Contact" for the last time on 13 May 2000 on DVD and I have just watched it again on Blu-Ray. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Contato" ("Contact")

Bote: On 13 May 2000 I saw this film.

On 22 Aug 2016, I saw this film again.
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