Review of The Neighbors

The Neighbors (2012–2014)
Worth a watch- funny & unique
26 December 2012
I watched this recently while channel surfing, and stopped to view it because I noticed it had Jami Gertz, who I really liked in the Still Standing series a few years back. I saw the episode about mating and laughed out loud many times. And clean humor about sex, family, and teens. I loved it...I am planning to watch it tonight..just for some fresh TV ...we need more creative shows like this. It's definitely a positive shift away from the overindulgence of so called reality TV... This is a cute view into a unique neighborhood and looking at differences in culture, albeit aliens...I hope they can continue this series and give it some chance to develop a following. For some reason it makes me think of the series My favorite Martian For way back in my childhood... (Back in the 60's, with Black & White TV, only 3 channels and no remote) The good ole days...
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