conscience and collaboration
19 January 2012
this land is mine is timeless and a cautionary tale for today. previous revues of this film were offered either before our recent economic crash or very early on when we didn't know the depth of the calamity. now, in the ensuing years, it is becoming clear collaboration exists and requires no occupying enemy. despite the movie was propaganda, it was propaganda of the best kind. the entire film was without theatrics nor a punch-to-the solar plexus message as evidenced in the Laughton soliloquy; the clear measured tenor of a man who has found his heart and courage. casting of the supporting players was inspired. in a film with perhaps three or four second and third part players it may be easy enough to recruit a strong supporting cast but this movie had so many important roles the casting seems a minor miracle.

kudos to all concerned in this gem. the one misstep, if i may be so picky, was the crescendo-ing close as the screen went black.
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