Too British for me...
24 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This film was made in England and it shows. It opens with a plane full of filthy rich snobs flying back to Europe after attending some grandiose wedding. We have the "pleasure" of meeting Diana Penrod, who is unhappily married to the pilot. This miserable, ungrateful wench does nothing but complain about her husband, who has done nothing wrong. Her main complaint is that he ignores her because he's too interested in flying. Oh my, how horrible! The poor little darling has to be married to a millionaire, go to weddings of the elite and royalty, and fly to exotic places. Maybe she should go see a psychiatrist to help her deal with such a terrible and unfair life. I was really hoping that they would feed this jerk to the lions, but she becomes the heroine of the movie! In 1957, this would only happen in Britain. She's too independent and unsupportive of her husband. It's this kind of attitude and mind-set that has led to present day British women being the worst women in the world - completely useless and deluded, stomping around trying to prove they can do anything a man can do, but failing miserably. If British women are so wonderful, then why are there so many British men living in Thailand married to Thai ex-prostitutes?

Anyway, some of the good things about this movie: 1) The location footage of African wildlife looks great in color and was probably a real treat for viewers back in the 50's before documentaries became so prevalent. 2) No Jane, so there is no Ozzie & Harriet in the jungle story-line. 3) The native dance scene at the end was awesome! The music sounded like recordings I've heard from Africa, and the costumes were great. 4) A superb ending that features mysterious caves, an isolated and evil village located on the top of an unreachable karst, native dances, white sacrificial victims, and Tarzan playing the bongos! The ending almost makes up for the first hour of the movie (which really wasn't that bad).
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